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WE ARE X at Otakon!

Otakon is proud to announce X Japan, Japan’s biggest rock band, will be part of Otakon in two ways this year! Led by Yoshiki (, composer, classically-trained pianist, and rock drummer, X Japan has sold 30 million singles and albums combined and sold-out the 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome a record 18 times.  Further, Yoshiki and X Japan have contributed music to several historic anime titles, including X, X – X2 Double X, Buddha: The Great Departure, and Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary.

Now the band's popularity is spreading throughout the world, with a sold-out World Tour, performances in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, and you can get a glimpse of X Japan on Saturday, August 12th at Otakon!

Otakon welcomes animation artist, creator, & voice actor CHRIS NIOSI

In the anime world, his credits include the likes of Reigen Arataka (Mob Psycho 100), Dezel (Tales of Zestiria), Garma Zabi (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin), Lagos (Patema Inverted), as well as various characters in the Pokemon franchise and most recently, Pegasus/Helios in Viz Media's upcoming uncut dub of "Sailor Moon SuperS".

View Chris' full bio on our website and the full list of Otakon 2017's announced guests.


The master bladesmiths from Baltimore Knife and Sword are returing to Otakon this year!

Matt Stagmer is the host of the hit web series MAN AT ARMS:REFORGED and the TV show MAN AT ARMS: The Art of War.  Ilya Alekseyev is currently an Armourer working with Baltimore Knife and Sword as well as one of the product designers.  Bill Collison is a contributing smith on both MAN AT ARMS series (TV & YouTube).