Tetsuya Kinoshita


Born in 1976, Tetsuya Kinoshita joined Production I.G in 2001. He served as the production manager of the animation part in the film Kill Bill: Volume 1 and the animated television series Otogi Zoshi. Kinoshita subsequently joined Pony Canyon Inc. in 2005, and began his work as a producer in animation films from Shinreigar/ GHOST HOUND. His work Sengoku Basara was made into an animated feature film, becoming one of the most popular animated television series in Japan. His work as producer on MUSASHI: THE DREAM OF THE LAST SAMURAI (2009), the animated feature film created and written by Mamoru Oshii, lead him to serve as a producer in the animated feature film 28 1/2 Mousou no kyojin directed by Oshii.

The animated television series ATTACK ON TITAN which he worked on as producer was a huge success, with season 2 currently airing in Japan (as of May, 2017). ATTACK ON TITAN has also developed into a two-part live action film. One of his works Yuki Yuna is a Hero became a three-part feature film, with its latest film part 2 currently screening in Japan (as of May, 2017). The sequel of the film is set to air as an animated television series in October. Kinoshita has done numerous works as a producer, such as From the New World, THE ROLLING GIRLS, ETOTAMA, and etc. His latest work Welcome to the Ballroom began airing from July.