ANIBeat Idol Stage

20190726_IdolSpaceFestival_SChambers-2.png Attention idol fans!

We’re excited to have the Idolspace return for Otakon 2021.  To ensure the safety of presenters and attendees, it will not have the same format as the ANIBeat Idol Festival, but we still want to have your idol content at Otakon!

Are you an original idol, a dancer, a cosplay idol, or part of a performance group? Would you like to bring your talent to the stage? Then apply to perform  on our form below.

We will have performance available slots for 15, 30, and 60 minutes. Please let us know in your submission how long a slot you would like in your description of your event.

Please also include links to videos of you performing the skill you will be presenting at Otakon.  It does not have to be from a live performance- who’s done that in the last year?- but must show us what you are wanting to showcase in the Idolspace. Submissions without at least one accompanying video will be declined."

If accepted, you will be contacted to provide more information about your performance and work out all the details.

And don’t worry- the ANIBeat Idol Festival will be back for Otakon 2022!

Idolspace Application

Closes: June 20, 2021, 8 p.m.

Idolspace Application