ANIBeat Idol Stage

20180810_gpw_Wotagei_SChambers-17.jpg Attention idol fans!

Stop by Otakon’s first ever Idol Stage to meet fellow fans and watch some real life idols perform! Penlights and wotagei are encouraged!

Join the hosts of popular Otakon workshops Awkward Dance Moves and Let’s Get Sexy Kpop Style, and a variety of other idol groups as they perform some of your favorite idol dances during Otakon this year! We’ll have Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai and other dances over the course of our performances.

Bring your own glow sticks and celebrate idol culture with us! 


Club Ota, Room 206


10:00 AM Petite Aqua: Ect! a Love Live Performance
01:30 PM ANIBeat Idol Festival Concert


10:00 AM Starshine Theater 2019 Dance Gathering Circuit
11:30 AM ANIBeat Concert Series