Welcome to the Otacafe!

Come decompress at the Otacafe, where you can hang out or perform. The stage will be open most of the convention for open-mic karaoke, and we'll have tables provided for mingling and eating.


Room 149


Day Open Close
Friday 11 AM 11 PM
Saturday 10 AM 11 PM
Sunday 10 AM 2 PM


  • Only sign up once at a time: If you are currently signed up to sing a song, you may not sign up again until you’ve finished singing that song. This rule also pertains to singing with another person.
  • We allow songs from Anime, Japanese video games, and Japanese artists: English versions of anime songs are fine.
  • Song length limit is six (6) minutes: It’s okay to sing a longer song, but we’ll need to stop playing the song at the 6-minute mark.
  • Two (2) people max on stage at once.
  • No jumping on or off the stage.

How to Sign up:

  • Pick your song: We have songbooks listing the karaoke tracks we have on-hand. You can sing other songs too, but you need to have it with you, or it needs to be on YouTube.
  • Sign up to sing: We have signup slips at the front. Sign up in pencil:
    • Your name(s): Enter the name(s) of all people who will be singing the song.
    • Music source: “Otacafe” means that we have the song listed in the songbooks (Song will be a karaoke version).
    • Lyrics needed: Romaji means a phonetic guide for Japanese lyrics in roman letters. Kanji means Japanese characters.
    • Additional information: It’s also helpful if you can provide additional information such as:
      • Do you want the short version of the song?
      • Do you want to sing to a karaoke version or vocal version?
  • Take your number: Take the number slip with the same number on it as the signup slip you signed up on.
  • Wait to sing: Enjoy the other performances as you wait to sing!
  • Sing!: When we call your number/name, come up and perform! If you’re providing a music playing device, please remove the cell phone case and turn the volume up to 100%. Also have it playing and paused at the beginning of the song.