Art Show

First and foremost, thank you all for the encouraging feedback and for making Art Show 2021 amazing! Now, we welcome back all new and returning artists, to authorized agents, and those who will be bidders for Art Show 2022!! We hope you are all doing well and are also excited to see all the awesome art this year. We hope to have lively debates of how certain pieces of art make you feel and how you should sign up to be a bidder and claim it as your own. Also, our Hentai section is always in need of some wonderful and beautifully crafted art, but please remember to obtain 18+ wristband to view.

All appropriate times will be found by viewing Art Show's Hours of Operation at the bottom of this page, as well as in the pocket guide, awesome sheet, posted to the BBS, and social media. Please read through the Art Show’s Requirements & Guidelines for all new changes for art show this year; this information is especially important for All Artist’s/ agents and bidders, please read carefully.

Important notice to all artists/agents: Please, follow the Artwork Online Picture Submission Process, W9 form process, as well as all Artist’s and Bidder forms process must be sent via email further details are in the Requirements & Guidelines. Artists’ may send you Picture submission early in a separate email, this will help us watermark and upload for a faster and smoother transition to online. All submissions and forms will be verified with you at Art show. Also, all forms must be signed and completed upon submission to Art show please, via email. There are links below to each form, if you have any questions, you may use the email addresses at the bottom of the site. The Art Show Online website will have a link and appear at the bottom of this page access is available upon registration at Art Show to bid. Art Show will have signs with QR codes for ease of signing up for the art show auction site, but access to the online auction is authorized by art show staff. 

Exclusive Disclaimer: For anyone with a Friday and Saturday day membership and participate as bidder must designate someone on their behalf to pick-up won artwork on Sunday. They must have a copy of the bidder's Government Picture I.D, along with their own stating they have permission to pick up artwork and they both must sign this agreement for our records. Otherwise, they should look at obtaining another day membership for Sunday.

Last-but-not-least, do not forget about our Awesome LIVE Auction held on Sunday Morning!! Have fun and looking forward to seeing you at Art Show 2022!!!

---Otakon Art Show Staff---

Hours of Operation

Location: Hall A - Northeast Corner

Operational Hours:

Day Open Close Note
Thursday 5 PM 8 PM Closed to Members
  • ONLY artist’s/agents submitting artwork are allowed.
  • Credit/Debit card payment only.
Friday 9 AM 1 PM Closed to Members
9 AM 10 PM Artist’s/Agent Registration Open 
1 PM 10 PM Open To Members
1 PM 10 PM Bidder Registration Opens & Online Bidding Opens
Saturday 10 AM 9 PM Open to Members
  • Bidding closes 9pm, unless extension is used. (See online Art Show Requirements & Guidelines for detail)
  • Artist’s/agent Registration closes at 2pm Saturday night.
  • Bidder Registration Closes at 8:45pm Saturday night.
Sunday 10 AM 2 PM Live Auction Hours, all pick- ups, and payments.
  • All payments made will be offline and at a designated register.
  • All Artist’s/Agent pick-up, Bidder pick -up, and Live Auction pick-up lines will have
    separate designated register lines, please make sure you are in the proper one. (For further
    details and instructions read Art Show’s Requirements & Guidelines)

Times are subject to change 


Art Show Online

You must register in person at the Art Show to gain access to bid.

Please register as a user at then visit the Art Show desk to be authorized to bid.

Attention to all artists, you may send your Picture submission of the artwork to be watermarked early and all forms when ready may be sent in an email.
Please send to Thank you.

Co-Department Head

Chris Jennings

Co-Department Head

Alexa Leitkowski

Assistant Co-Department Head

Nolan Harper

Regular W-9: Click Here