panels.png Did you know that fan panels make up the largest part of Otakon's Programming?

That means that your panel ideas, your knowledge, talent, time and effort both before and during the con contributes in a major way and helps Otakon to fulfill our motto. "For Fans... by Fans". Subjects ranging from "How to get by in Japan on 40 yen a day" to "How to drive the giant robot you just found buried in your back yard" continue to captivate our attendees year after year.

So, you wanna be an Otakon Panelist?

Whether you're brand new to Otakon or you've been coming for years; if you have a great deal of knowledge on a subject you would like to share with your fellow Otaku, we welcome your ideas! Please watch this space for updates and instructions concerning submitting your idea to become an Otakon panelist!

What's in it for you? Well, aside from the obvious glory of being envied by your friends and perhaps dozens of strangers who come to bask in the light of your knowledge, Otakon Panelists qualify for compensated memberships to the con and access to a presenters only lounge complete with snacks.

Panel Submissions

Open: Feb. 2, 2024, 9 a.m. - May 14, 2024, midnight

Submit your panel idea today

Keep an eye on this page and be sure to watch our Facebook and Twitter page for more updates.

18+ Panels:

  • 18+ content is anything that contains graphic, sexual, overly violent or obscene material which would be unsuitable for minors.
  • Otakon is a family event. Therefore, panels containing 18+ content will be scheduled late in the evening, generally between the hours of 10PM and 2AM.
  • If a panel submitted as 'not 18+' is found to contain 18+ material, Otakon Panels reserves the right to shut down the panel in progress. A panel shut down while in progress will not be considered successfully run and may lead to denial of future panel submissions as well and the primary panelist being invoiced for the amount of comped membership(s).
If you are unsure of whether the content of your panel is 18+, it probably is. 
Please err on the side of caution.

Panelist Compensation:

  • All selected presenters will be receiving compensated memberships to Otakon.
  • There is a limit of 3 compensated panelists per panel. This would comprise the primary panelist and two assistant panelists. You are welcome to have more panelists on stage, however, only 3 will receive compensated memberships to Otakon.
  • This means that if your panel idea is selected for inclusion, you will receive up to 3 pre-con compensated memberships to Otakon 2022. If your idea is selected, the primary panelist will receive instructions regarding how to pre-register for Otakon with a compensated membership.
  • In the event that you are unable or unwilling to complete your panel after redeeming your compensated membership(s), Otakon reserves the right to invoice the primary panelist for the full cost of any compensated membership(s) granted at the time of panel acceptance.
  • If you plan on submitting a panel application, PLEASE DO NOT PRE-REGISTER! If your application is selected, you will be receiving a compensated membership(s) to Otakon 2022.
  • If your application is selected, and you have already pre-registered for Otakon 2022, you will receive a post-convention refund of your Otakon 2022 membership fee after successful completion of your panel. Instructions for receiving your post-Otakon refund will be provided after Otakon 2022.


For questions not related to submitting a panel for Otakon, you may contact the Panels Department via the Otakon Contact Form.