Gaming Activities

Video Game Hall

Video Gaming at Otakon is huge! We're filling an entire hall of the DCCC with video games from all eras, classics you remember, current games you love, and plenty of games straight from Japan! Show off your skills and compete against your fellow con goers in casual play or enter one of our tournaments.


Welcome to Otakon's Fourth Annual Portable Kaiju Super Battle League.  In this event you the trainer may challenge our Battle Masters to test your skill as a Pokémon Trainer.  Our battle Masters will appear all weekend long at designated locations through the convention halls.  As proof of your victory you will receive a battle token from each battle master that you defeat that is unique to that Battle Master.  Should you defeat eight or more of our Battle Masters on Friday and Saturday, you may challenge our league champions the Serious Shi on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Live Action Role Playing

If you've ever played a pencil-and-paper role-playing game (RPG) such as D&D, GURPS, or a U.S. Presidential election, then Live Action Role-Playing, or LARP, is easy to explain. It is, in effect, an RPG played live with special rules to allow interaction between the characters in real time and space.

If you've never played a pencil-and-paper RPG, you can think of a LARP as a game of "make believe" with rules. The LARP is played within the boundaries of the entire convention center (within reasonable limits to keep the players from getting in the way of other convention attendees).

Otakorp would like to thank our 2019 Sponsors!

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