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Questions about COVID Policies?

Please see our COVID Information Page for our current polcies for masks at Otakon 2021.

Mailed Badges & Badge Activation

Mailed badges have shipped!  We are aware there is an issue with Showclix's My Tickets page not showing the updated status and they are working to correct that and add the tracking information.

Due to a printer error, the number printed on the back of your badge is not correct - but do not worry, your badge is valid, and the barcode on the back will scan correctly.

If you received a mailed badge, we have pre-activated your badge, you don’t need to do anything else other than join us August 6-8th for Otakon 2021!

Questions about Otakon 2021 Refunds?

Since we understand that not everyone will be able to join us this year, we are providing individuals an opportunity to either roll their memberships over to Otakon 2022 or to request a refund. Please see the Otakon 2021 Membership Rollover or Refund Request page for more information.

Otakon 2020 Memberships

The deadline to submit a refund request for Otakon 2020 was May 31, 2020, and all refunds received should now be processed. Please see the 2020 Event Cancellation page for more information and FAQs.  Please read those pages before submitting a help request here.

Otakon® is an annual celebration of Asian pop culture (anime, manga, music, movies, video games, etc.) and its fandom! Otakon is run by the non-profit organization Otakorp, Inc.

Please keep in mind, Otakon is run entirely by volunteers.  As such, we are unable to provide direct support over the telephone.  If you need to get in touch with us, please us the contact form at the bottom of this page.  However, first please make sure your question isn't already answered at one of these locations:

  • Our General FAQ page has answers to lots of things from membership, registration, hotels and more.
  • The Registration FAQ has answers to a lot of registration specific questions, including questions about mailed badges.
  • The All Roads Lead to OTAKON page has all your transportation releated information.
  • Need to know when application deadlines for things like Artist's Alley, Dealer's Room, Programming, etc. are?  Check out our Deadlines / What's Open Page.

Issues submitting your registration?  ShowClix is our official registration provider and you can contact them directly by phone or email:

Issues with your hotel reservation?  Maritz (formerly Experient) is our official hotel provider and you can find their contact information at the bottom of our Hotel Page.

Have a Guest or Programming Request?  We can't respond to these types of requests via this form, but we do have areas of our BBS setup specifically for these types of requests.


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