Lyra's Formal Ball


Welcome to our Formal Ball!

Lyra’s Formal Ball is Friday evening's formal event for all ages!  Prepare for an evening of cosplay, music, and dancing.  We look forward to seeing everyone dressed to the nines!

As this is a formal event, please consider what classy attire a person or character might wear to a wedding or prom.

Cosplay/Crossplay is welcome as long as the attire is appropriate for the character being portrayed.  Accessories like top hats, canes (that meet our weapon/prop policy), or hand fans are welcome.


  • Otakon is not responsible for attendees' bags. This includes but is not limited to outside, beside, or near the entrance to the dance.
  • No bags (of any size) will be allowed in the room during dance hours.
  • Empty plastic bottles will be allowed into the dance. Any other container types will not be allowed.
  • No large costume props allowed.
  • No commercial grade photography or videographer equipment is allowed.
  • Please be considerate of the other dancers
  • Formal Attire required, staff have final say on admittance based on adherence to the formal ball dress code policies.
  • ...and REMEMBER, drink plenty of water!

NOTE: All other Otakon policies are enforced in the dance, such as disruptive behavior and swinging items attached to rope/string/chains/etc.

Allowed Formalwear

  • Formal Costumes*
  • Prom dresses*
  • Formal gowns*
  • Lolita (EGL/EGA)*
  • Oji Lolita
  • Cocktail Dresses*
  • Formal Separates
  • Kimono and Cheongsam
  • Formal Medieval/Renaissance/Period Attire
  • Suits
  • Tuxedos
  • Dress Uniforms
  • Kilts (with appropriate additional attire)
  • Dress shirt, with tie (bow/necktie/cravat/bolo)

*All dresses/skirts should be approximately knee length or longer

Appropriate Footwear

  • Dress Shoes
  • Heels
  • Dress Flats
  • Formal and Period Boots
  • Geta and Zori (only with appropriate Asian formal attire)
  • Dressy Sandals

Not Allowed

  • Formal Wear that drags on the floor (examples: trains, ribbons, etc)
  • Wings, bulky armor, or other attachments that extend off the body
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Clothing with excessive chains, straps, or buckles
  • Bare midriffs
  • Skin-tight apparel 
  • Miniskirts (skirts above the knee)
  • Cut-off or shredded clothing
  • Sneakers, non-dressy sandals and flip-flops
  • Boots with heavy straps and studs that are not formal in nature (examples: Doc Martens and biker boots)
  • Props such as, but not limited to swords, axes, cudgels, and sporting equipment