Otakon Makerspace


Room 145 B


Day Open Close


10 AM

9 PM


At Night

9 AM

7 PM

8 PM

11 PM

Sunday 9 AM Noon

Do you enjoy hands-on crafts but don't have much time in your busy convention weekend to attend a full-length workshop? Are you interested in expressing your love of anime, manga, or Asian culture through open-ended, self-guided projects?

The Otakon Makerspace is a space where people of all ages can build countless crafts using a wide variety of supplies - many of which have been generously donated, recycled, and repurposed. Choose from dozens of themed creative challenges in our handy guidebooks, or challenge yourself to experiment and create an original project from scratch! Make memories and work together with friends or fellow attendees to make a truly unique work of art! Take part in our weekend-long featured projects, from teru teru bozu to omamori charms, and create at your own pace in a relaxing environment filled with music and opportunities to display and photograph your work!

For Otakon's 30th birthday (and Makerspace's 5th!), we will be ringing in the festivities with our very own birthday celebration - take part in our anniversary stamp rally, decorate a faux birthday cake with your messages and doodles, and be sure to create a birthday card for our Otakon birthday display!

Returning this year is Makerspace at Night - an all-ages glow-in-the-dark space with special crafts and nighttime decor - and “Expert Hours," which are designated times where we host presenters with specialized crafting experience who are willing to share their skills and insight with Otakon attendees. Come be a part of a unique community of people, along with a hand-selected expert to help guide you through your creative endeavor! Look for these specialized programming slots within Makerspace during Otakon 2024!

At the Otakon Makerspace, everyone is welcome to be a maker, regardless of age or artistic ability. Come visit us, learn new skills and problem-solving techniques, and take part in the fun and inventive process of being a creator!

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