Portable Kaiju Super Battle League

The portable kaiju super battle league invites you to take part in its fourth annual tournament. So train up your Pokémon because we have some interesting things planned for this year and can’t wait to see you at Otakon.

This year the unflappable Team Fan has returned and is trying to take over The League and ruin Otakon! So start training now, and be ready to battle the Team Fan Grunts and Admins, in Pokémon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch. If you can make it past them, prepare to battle each other on Sunday to crown a new league Champion!

The rules for this year’s tournament are as follows:

  1. This is a for fun event (it’s okay to take it seriously, especially the championship tournament, but remember the Team Fan members are there to help you have fun.)
  2. Make sure to update your game before coming to Otakon (you don’t have to have the expansions, but as long as your game is up to date everyone will be able to use any available Pokémon)
  3. All matches are 4v4 doubles with all Pokémon set to lvl 50
  4. You may have a team of 9 Pokémon, with 4 main Pokémon and 5 alternates
  5. Duplicate Pokémon are not allowed (exception: Pokémon with multiple forms like Toxtricity, with its amped and low key forms or Lycanroc would be fine as well as different Alolan, Kantonian, or Galarian forms. However, a Pokémon like Snorlax who can Dynamax and Gigantamax would not be legal to use since you can not use both forms in a single match.)
  6. Multiple items are not allowed in play at the same team (you could have both a Vaporeon and Snorlax with leftovers so long as they are both aren’t used in a match)
  7. Gigantamaxing and Dynamaxing is legal
  8. A trainer can only put one opposing Pokémon to sleep at a time.

Banned Moves

Sheer Cold, Guillotine, Fissure, Horn Drill, Perish Song, Destiny Bond, Recycle.

Banned Pokémon

All Legendaries! If I can’t breed it, it’s not allowed.

General info

If you can beat enough Team Fan Grunts, starting Saturday night you can face the Team Fan admins (the Serious Shi). If you can beat them you will receive a Kaiju League challenge coin. The Challenge coin grants you One entry to the champions tournament (you don’t have to use it this year but we will be keeping track of who uses their coins). The tournament will follow the same rules as the gym challenge with at least the finals being best 2 out of 3.

Thanks, and we look forward to challenging you this year!

Joey Bruno
Purple Kaiju Super Battle League Commissioner

Check back here for more details as we get closer to Otakon! Any questions can be brought to the Portable Kaiju Super Battle League Commissioner Joey Bruno. Please use our Contact Us page.