News & Annoucements

Hotel booking issues resolved

Our hotel partner, Experient, has contacted us to let us know they are aware that some of our members were having difficulties getting through their website to book rooms today (receiving a 404 error).  They have informed us they believe they have found the problem and it should now be resolved.

Otakon and Experient both are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.  If you are experiencing any trouble with their website, please call their customer service line (800-967-8852) to talk to them about hotel options and waitlist options. 

Capital Area Budokai Workshop Participation

Are you interested in participating in one of several exciting events hosted by Capital Area Budokai? If so, register here! Capital Area Budokai will be hosting 4 workshops at Otakon 2018. Participation in each session will be limited to 10 participants selected via this web form here.