Car Show

Otamota Car Show

Location: Hall D

The Otamota Car Show is an attraction for all individuals! Whether you’re a daily driver or gearhead, our goal is to create an environment that facilitates learning through a fusion of Asian and American car culture, and of course fun!

Car Types/Classifications | Car Show Policies & Rules

Otamota Application

Open: March 1, 2024, 9 a.m. - May 2, 2024, midnight

Application to display your car

Car Show Pricing Information

Car and Membership package

One parking space in the car show - $100

  • All spaces include one 10x10 parking space and two (2) Otakon memberships.

Car Show Refunds

Spaces or additional memberships are not refundable.

Subletting Space

At no time may a vendor sell or rent their space to another vendor. If a vendor is found subletting at any time, both the vendor who registered the space and the person occupying the space will be evicted immediately with no refund.

Application Process

All vehicles are screened and selected by a panel of car show staff members.

  1. STEP ONE: Apply for a space by filling out the application. The application will only be available from March 1, 2024 - April 15, 2024. Please see the Screening section for more information on what you will need to include in your application.
    • Once the application period ends, no additional applications will be accepted.
  2. STEP TWO: Applicants who are accepted will receive an email, including an invoice for your space and further instructions.
    • Payment is due upon acceptance.
    • Should you not make your payment within 7 days of acceptance, you will forfeit your space.
    • You must sign a copy of these terms and conditions upon acceptance

Please note: You must be 18 years of age at the time of check-in to apply to the Otakon Car Show.


Contact Details & Personal Information Requirements

Otakon requires all applications to be submitted with the following contact & personal information.

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Pronouns
  3. Email
  4. Phone Number

Car Information Requirements

Otakon requires all applications to be submitted with the following car information.

  1. A car type is required that best fits your vehicle (i.e., itasha, replica, JDM, etc.)
  2. Make
  3. Model
  4. Year
  5. A list of modifications on your vehicle
  6. You must include a URL to a gallery containing a minimum of four (4) pictures of your car, including the front, both sides, and rear.
    • This gallery should only contain images of a single car.
      • Gallery links with multiple cars displayed will be rejected.
      • We recommend Imgur, Google Drive, DropBox, etc
    • Your example images must be easy to view, or we will be forced to reject your application.
    • Any application that does not include a minimum of four (4) pictures of your car, including the front, both sides, and rear, will be automatically declined.

Optional Information To Be Included On Applications

  1. Social Media URL to help promote your car to our attendees.
  2. Car group, affiliated organization, or club for promotion.
  3. Additional Comments

Acknowledgment of Car Show Rules

You acknowledge and agree to all rules set forth by the Car Show, all convention, local, state, and federal rules, policies, and laws apply. Convention rules can be found online on the Otakon website.

Car Types / Classifications

Classic / Vintage

  • Older cars of historical interest for collectors value and tend to be restored.
  • No precisely defined time period usually, vehicles produced 30-40+ years ago.
  • Itasha

  • Itashas are generally wrapped and over-decorated with anime, manga, or video game characters.
  • Itasha is actually a Japanese pun. "Itai" (痛) means painful and "Sha" (車) means vehicle. The name literally means “painful car”— as many think the style is painful on the eyes.
  • JDM

  • JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market, meaning cars sold primarily in Japan.
  • Also can describe high-performance Japanese models sold in global markets, including the U.S. and Canada.
  • Lowrider

  • Vehicles painted with intricate, colorful designs, rolling on wire-spoke wheels, and a lowered body.
  • Lowriders are always lowered cars; a lowered car is not always a lowrider. The term describes the class of vehicle, not just the height from the ground.
  • Street Car, Tuner, or Performance

  • Modifications to a car to optimize it for higher engine performance and dynamic handling, or other characteristics.
  • The terms also encompass cosmetic and stylistic changes to personalize vehicles too. Customization can range from functional modifications to visual modifications to alter the aesthetics of the car.
  • Replica

  • Copies of famous vehicles designed to resemble the original source material as closely as possible.
  • Replicas that deviate from the original function or aesthetic are considered “Inspired Vehicles,” a sub-set type of Replica Cars.
  • Muscle Car

  • Two-door coupes with powerful engines designed for high-performance racing.
  • Muscle Cars is a very broad term that also include horsepower heavy cars such as dragsters, hotrods, or race cars.

  • At The Convention

    Hours of Operation

    Operational Hours: Hours are subject to change. In a situation where the following information changes and updates, an announcement will be made.

    Day Open Close  


    12 PM

    8 PM

    Vendors Only


    9 AM

    10 AM

    Vendors Only


    10 AM

    1 AM

    Open to Attendees


    8 AM

    10 AM

    Vendors Only


    10 AM

    3 PM

    Open to Attendees


    9 AM

    10 AM

    Vendors Only


    10 AM

    1 AM

    Open to Attendees


    3 PM

    4 PM

    Vendors Only

    **Please note that breakdown must be completed between 3 and 4 PM on Sunday.**

    Attendees will be allowed access to the Car Show between opening and closing hours as specified above. Vendors must wear their Dealers Room membership badge at all times while attending Otakon.

    Check-In Times

    Additional Check-In details and Load-In times will be provided upon acceptance.

    Vehicle Artwork & Adult Materials

    The Otakon Car Show’s purpose is to showcase vehicles inspired by the car culture, including but not limited to Itasha, drift cars, race cars, streetcars, and replica vehicles inspired by anime and video games.

    Adult Material is allowed so long as it is covered at all times, while publicly displayed on the show floor. Adult Material is defined as anything sexually explicit, portraying sexual acts and nudity. Nudity is considered showing any body part(s) that would be normally covered by a typical bathing suit–swim trunks/Speedo for males, bikini for females.

    If any of these items are found uncovered, or the staff receives complaints, you will be asked to cover the material in question. The acceptability of displays of adult material is at the sole discretion of the Department Head.


    1. Each vendor that applies and is accepted will have one entry PER CAR into the selection. Any duplicates will be consolidated into one single entry.
      • There is no limit on the number of cars that one single vendor can submit, please complete an application for each car.
    2. Any vendor found to be applying for one car under multiple names will be immediately rejected from the selection and may be banned from exhibiting at future events.


    All vendors must show a government-issued photo ID to check in at Car Show. Accepted forms of ID include but are not limited to:

    • A state driver's license
    • State-issued identification card
    • A passport
    • Military ID

    Car Show Memberships

    All Car Show vendors will need a Dealers Room membership badge to enter the Car Show outside of public hours.

    • Each space comes with 2 (two) Dealers Room memberships. These memberships allow access to the full Convention.
    • Additional memberships may be purchased for $75 each at a maximum of 3 total per Car Show staff approval.
    • Each vendor is responsible for any helpers/people registered under their space.
    • Only the registered vendor may pick up or purchase memberships associated with their table.

    Spaces and Displays


    • After vehicles have been loaded in, they must not be turned on or moved at any point until load out
    • All vehicles must have no more than 1/4 tank of gas
    • Gas caps must have a lockable gas cap or be taped shut
    • Battery cables must be disconnected
    • Vehicles must be free of leaking fluids
    • Vehicles must have car spill mats
      • If you do not have a spill mat, you will be required to purchase one from the decorator at your own cost.
    • You must comply with any rules, regulations, or policies set forth by the Convention Decorator in the Exhibitor Kit provided upon acceptance.
    • You must comply with all rules, regulations, or policies set forth by the Convention Center and Fire Marshal.

    Release of Liability and Indemnification

    Otakorp, Inc., Otakon, and/or its directors, officers, personnel, and agents (collectively “Otakorp”) do not make any warranty or representation of any kind regarding the security of the vehicles or any items within the Car Show. Otakorp assumes no liability for loss, theft, or damage to the vehicles or to any items with the Car Show and Otakorp is not responsible for any unclaimed, stolen, damaged, or lost items.

    As a participant, you agree to and do hereby release, acquit, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue Otakorp for any loss, theft, damage, destruction, claim, demands, costs, and expenses in connection with your participation in the Car Show. If any vehicles or items within the Car Show are damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed for any reason or by any cause, including but not limited to acts of God, nature, weather, fire, theft, or otherwise, your only recourse will be any insurance that you have secured. You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Otakorp from any loss, liability, theft, damage, or cost that may be incurred due to your participation in the Car Show.


    While in the Car Show, all convention, local, state, and federal rules, policies, and laws apply. Convention rules can be found online on the Otakon website.

    Membership Badges

    Otakon membership badges must be worn at all times. ONLY people with Dealers Room membership badges will be allowed with the vehicles during vendor-only times.

    Substance Use

    Smoking, including vapes or electronic cigarettes, or use of alcohol or drugs while in the convention center will not be tolerated. Violations will result in removal from the Car Show and convention with no refund.


    Please refrain from running, screaming, yelling, horseplay, or obscene language; all vendors are expected to be courteous and polite to one another, the staff, and other convention attendees. Any unacceptable behavior towards a staff member will result in immediate removal with no refund.

    Convention Center Policies

    Vendor assumes responsibility and agrees to indemnify and defend Otakon, Otakorp Inc., and Convention Center and their respective employees and agents against any claims or expenses arising out of the use of the exhibition premises.

    The vendor understands that neither Otakon, Otakorp Inc. nor the Convention Center maintains insurance covering the vendors’ property and it is the sole responsibility of the vendor to obtain such insurance.

    No nails or tacks are allowed to stick fliers, posters, etc. to the walls of the exhibit center. Vendors may use masking tape or artist tape to hang items in their provided booth space.

    Violations and Penalties

    Most issues within the Car Show are handled with a warning, but sometimes larger actions must be taken. Here is a general guideline for the consequences for the majority of offenses that may happen within the room. All offenses will be documented.

    FIRST OFFENSE - Verbal Warning

    The Car Show Department Head will speak with you detailing any concerns with regard to your display or conduct. You will be given examples, conditions, and a time frame with which you must comply. This may be, but is not limited to, removing all offending material from sight and not displaying it again for the rest of the convention.

    SECOND OFFENSE - Written Warning

    The Car Show Department Head and Exhibitions Director will speak with you and present you with a written warning detailing any major concerns with regard to your display or conduct. You will be given examples, conditions, and a time frame with which you must comply. This may be, but is not limited to, removing all offending material from sight and not displaying it again for the rest of the convention.

    THIRD OFFENSE - Eviction from Car Show

    If you have already been given a written warning or additional offenses occur, you will be evicted from the Car Show without a refund.


    However, the Car Show Department, Otakon, and Otakorp, Inc. reserve the right to evict anyone from the Car Show and/or Otakon without warning at their discretion for violation of convention and/or Car Show rules and policies, or for egregiously offensive, unacceptable, and/or threatening behavior.

    Changes to the Car Show Rules

    There are NO exceptions to any rule unless expressly stated. Car Show Staff, Otakorp Inc., and Otakon reserve the right to modify rules at any time without prior notice.

    As a reminder, the Car Show staff will consistently monitor and patrol the Car Show for policy and rules violations. Any and all observed and reported violations will be investigated. A single violation of the convention and Car Show rules and policies can potentially result in the vendor being removed from the Car Show and the convention at the discretion of the Car Show Department Head. If an individual is removed, they forfeit all fees and will receive no refund for their space or membership. Additionally, for the safety of Otakorp Inc. and Otakon staff, conversations between yourself and Otakon staff may be recorded by Otakon.