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Park Seulki Rhea

Park Seulki Rhea

Korean Cultural Educator

Park Seulki Rhea is a language and cultural educator, content creator, social worker, actor, and educational anthropologist.

Born and raised in South Korea as a daughter of a famous Korean Manhwaga, Seulki has always been interested in the power of culture and language. With such interests, she majored in linguistics and literature in Ewha Women's University, and flew to NYC to delve into her interest even more, majoring in East Asian Regional Studies and Linguistics and Anthropological Education in Graduate School of Columbia University. While living in NYC, Seulki has taught communicative English class and Korean as foreign language at Columbia University.

After coming back to South Korea, due to her father's sudden passing, Seulki's passion for cultural and language education has never withered. She earned social worker license and teaching KFL license, teaching Korean and English languages to the students with diverse sociocultural backgrounds in South Korea, while working on prospering her father's legacy, the legendary Korean manhwa character Dokkotak and reviving her father's works, super popular all over Korean society during the 1970s and 1990s.

This year, Seulki is attending Otakon as a Korean cultural educator. She will be hosting three sessions of learning Korean languages (Hangul and simple Korean conversation) and one session of how to travel around interesting Korean spots. If you are interested in Korean culture, please come and find her at OTAKON 2024!