Otakon Presenter Information

Greetings Otakon 2024 Programming Presenters!

First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of Otakon 2024 Programming Lineup. It is because of your knowledge, brilliant ideas, and time that Otakon has remained "by fans, for fans" for 30 years now. We welcome your contributions to Otakon 2024 and can't wait to see what you have in store!

Please pay careful attention to the details provided on this page. There be dragons in the details!

As the con draws inexorably closer, this page may be updated with pertinent information.

Programming Room Locations | Workshops - What You Need to do Now | Panel & Workshop Scheduling

Pre-Registration | Arriving at Otakon | Presenter Check-In | Programming Lounge | Pre-Registration

Programming Rooms for 2024:

Rooms are subject to change

Name Room Number
Panel 1 Room 207
Panel 2 Room 147
Panel 3 Room 146A
Panel 4 Room 146B
Panel 5 Room 146C
Panel 6 Room 150
Panel 7 Room 151
AMV Theater Room 202
Workshop Classroom 1 Room 143
Workshop Classroom 2 Room 140
Workshop Open-floor 3 Room 144
Workshop Open-floor 4 Marriott M4 - Liberty Ballroom
Idolspace Room 206
Makerspace Room 145A
Otachan Room 156

Workshops - What you need to do now

Please pay careful attention to the details provided here. The process for workshops is a bit different from panels, so you will need to review these instructions carefully.

Now that your submission has been accepted, there is certain additional information that we need from you as soon as possible. Please review the below questions and send your responses to workshops@otakorp.org no later than May 13, 2024.
If you will be hosting multiple workshops, be sure to submit information for each of them individually.

  • Are there any supplies or handouts that you will need provided other than the basic room setup? The basic setup includes tables, chairs, two projectors with connections, a document camera, a water cooler, and a sound system with wireless microphones. Things like custom handouts, scissors, paper, fabric, paint, and needles are just a few examples of the supplies that we’d like to know about here. Otakorp and the Workshops Department will make every effort to provide you with any and all supplies you need to make your workshop a success, but we can only do this if you inform us of your needs in a timely manner.
  • Will you be bringing any supplies of your own? If so, we need an itemized list of what these supplies are. We may need to clear your supplies with the convention center.
  • How long would you like your workshop to be? Workshops typically run between 1 and 3 hours in length. The specific length of your workshop will depend on several factors, but to help ensure the most appropriate length, we will need to know what the MINIMUM and PREFERRED run times for your workshop are.

Additional details can be found on the Workshops Page.

Programming Scheduling

Scheduling doesn't occur until a few weeks out from Otakon, so we will not be able to give you the day and time that your presentation will be running until then. If you have made special scheduling requests in your submission, we will do our best to accommodate them, but there are no guarantees that we will be able to. Ultimately we will schedule in the best interests of the convention.
Unless otherwise directed, all panel slots will be one hour long. There is an additional 15 minutes built-in before and after each panel allowing for setup and tear down, and allowing each panelist a full hour to present their content. For questions about Panels please contact Panels@otakorp.org.

Workshop time slots vary in length between one and three hours, depending on content. We will schedule you for a timeslot dependent upon the requirements we requested above. There is also at least total of 15  minutes built-in before and after each workshop, allowing for setup and tear down. This ensures that each presenter has all of their scheduled time to present their workshop content.

Idolspace performances will be dependent on the type of performance or programming. Please see the Idolspace page for more details.

Expert Hours in the Makerspace will be dependent on the content and room needs. These are smaller craft sessions focused on building a community of similar-minded crafters.  Please see the Makerspace page for more details.

Otachan programming tends to be shorter sessions of 30-45 minutes with time for setup and tear down around the event. We want plenty of free-play time to remain in this space, so time slots will be limited in number depending on content. Please see the Otachan page for more details.

Pre-Registration for Otakon 2024

All selected presenters providing at least one hour of programming will be receiving compensated memberships to Otakon.

In the event that you have already pre-registered for Otakon, please let a Panels or Workshops staff member know when you check in for your panel or workshop.

You will be given instructions for claiming a post-con reimbursement after successful completion of your program.

Pre-Registering for Otakon:

  • If you have received an email containing a link to this page, you will need to follow these instructions in order to pre-register for Otakon 2024.
  • To claim your comped membership, please check the Programming Acceptance Email you received. This will provide directions for the next steps to claim your codes for comped badges. 
    • Note: Check the email carefully!
    • If you indicated additional presenters on your application, you will be provided unique codes from your corresponding department for each submission
    • There is a limit of 3 comped memberships per event, including yourself unless otherwise arranged. Therefore, your email may contain up to 3 unique codes depending on the information provided during registration.
    • No comp codes will be issued to additional presenters that were not already included in your original application unless allowed by Otakon staff.
    • Due to the unique nature of the codes, each presenter must register themselves separately. A unique code may be meant for a single use or multiple uses depending on what was agreed upon during event acceptance discussions. 
    • It is your responsibility to forward discount codes to your additional presenters as applicable.
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that your additional presenters have pre-registered for Otakon 2024.
    • Each presenter will need to be pre-registered for Otakon 2024 in order to present your panel or workshop.
  • Once you have located your code, please follow this link to pre-register for Otakon.
  • Failure to pre-register will result in cancellation of your panel or workshop.


Arriving at Otakon & Picking up your Memberships

For all Presenters:

  • When you arrive at Otakon, you will need to pick up your pre-registration A.S.A.P.
  • If your event is scheduled for an early Friday morning slot (sorry, we hate to do this, but someone has to go there), we strongly recommend that you and your presenters avail yourselves of the Thursday night Pre-Reg Pickup.

Presenter Line Skip and Entry - new for 2024!:

  • Different from prior years, presenters will be able to bypass the typical lines when picking up your badges and checking in. The details about this entrance will be included in your Programming Acceptance email.
    • Please note, this information will NOT be available on the website in order to ensure that non-Presenters do not attempt to use this entrance. Please ensure all of your approved presenters have access to this information once distributed.
  • Both primary and additional presenters are eligible to use this new entrance for badge pickup and initial event check-in.
  • If you are not sure if your name was listed, please contact your primary presenter to confirm. The primary presenter is the person who submitted the programming application.
  • Presenter Line Skip Procedures:
    • If you meet the criteria above, you can proceed directly to the Presenter entrance to the WEWCC. The location and hours will be provided in your Acceptance Email.
    • Staffers present at the entrance to the WEWCC are knowledgeable about the line-skip. Do not approach the convention security staff for the line skip as they are not trained in this process.
    • You will need to provide some form of photo identification.
    • Tell the staffer(s) your name and show them your ID.
    • You will be escorted inside the WEWCC to Presenter badging - room 157, where you can pick up your badge.
  • Once you have picked up your badge, please proceed with Presenter Check-In at Programming Ops - room 154.
  • If you have already picked up your badge and checked in, we kindly ask that you proceed through normal attendee entrances during the convention. This reduces the time it takes for Presenters who actually need to register and check in in a timely fashion.

Programming Presenter Check-In

  • Primary Presenter Check-In

    • Once you have picked up your registration, we ask that you check-in with Programming Ops in WEWCC Room 154 as soon as possible.
    • Checking in with Programming Ops lets us know that you have safely made it to the con and that you are prepared to present your panel or workshop.
    • The earlier you check in, the better. Checking in early allows us to hammer out any unforeseen details.
    • Programming Ops will be open Thursday evening during pre-reg pick-up to check in presenters.
    • You are required to check-in with Programming Ops no later than two hours before the posted start time of your panel or workshop.
    • Failure to check-in by the two hour deadline may result in your panel or workshop time being reassigned to a panel or workshop on our wait-list.
    • There are NO exceptions to this rule.
    • Allowances will be made for the very first panel or workshop in each programming room at the start of programming on Friday.
  • All Other Presenters Check-In

    • All Presenters must check-in with Programming Ops prior to the start of their panel or workshop.
    • While additional presenters are not required to check in by the two hour deadline, we strongly advise you to do so in order to avoid potentially missing your panel or workshop.
  • Presenter Ribbons

    • When you check in with Programming Ops, you will be asked to complete an Associate Waiver and Tax Forms.
    • Upon completion of the required form, you will be issued a Presenter Ribbon.
    • IMPORTANT! The ribbon you receive is your passport to all things related to being an Otakon presenter.
    • Otakon Panels & Workshops Staff are instructed NOT to allow anyone to participate on any panel or Workshop without a Presenter Ribbon (or Staff, Press, or Guest Badges).
    • The ribbon will also grant you access to the Programming Lounge.

How to Contact Us

  • Primary means of contact will be in the corresponding department above. This email address is separate from the automated email address which notifies you of your application status.  If you are unsure which department to contact, please email programming@otakorp.org.
  • Once contact is made, a phone number may be provided to you during pre-con preparation by the corresponding department head.
  • This number is for emergency issues only!
    • "My flight is delayed and there is no way we'll be there for our panel or workshop".
    • "It's Friday morning, I’m stuck outside and we're scheduled for a 9am!.
  • We will not be taking informational type calls on this line
    • "What time is my panel or workshop?"'
    • "What room is my panel or workshop in?"
    • "Has my co-presenter checked in?"
    • etc..
  • Please stop into Programming Ops for those types of inquiries.

Thank You for your attention and for your contribution to Otakon 2023! See you at the CON!

Otakon Programming Staff