Lolita Garden

Lolita is a popular fashion substyle which started in Japan, heavily influenced by Victorian, Edwardian and Rococo eras.  Essential elements of a lolita outfit are one pieces, jumper skirts, blouses, petticoats, lace, frills, ribbons and a fine attention to detail.  The Lolita lifestyle doesn't stop at fashion and there are many activities to partake in.  Otakon's Lolita Garden is a place for fans of the fashion to gather and relax, as well as have some fun!

Otakon Fashion Show

We're thrilled to be bringing fashion back to Otakon 2023 with our fashion show "East meets West: A Fashion Expedition"! The fashion show this year showcases Japanese brand anonenone designed by Senanan, and DimMoire designed by Colomo, as well as various indie brands. We are looking for indie designers (lolita to Japanese street fashion and in between) to showcase their label at Otakon 2023!  Designers apply below!



Open: May 20, 2023, midnight - Aug. 31, 2023, 4:20 p.m.

Application to be a designer for the 2023 Otakon Fashion Show



Fashion Show: Featured Designers


anonenone is a select shop and clothing brand owned and designed by Senanan. anonenone's original pieces will be featured in the Otakon Fashion show.

“I always question fashion. You know what, you can always wear whatever you want. You are sure to discover your maximum cuteness ♡” As this statement says, anonenone, while focusing on Japanese and Asian ‘Kawaii’ culture, is a brand that allows you to enjoy fashion regardless of style, age, and gender. Items from anonenone appear monthly in Japanese fashion magazines such as LARME, Koakuma ageha, and Ane ageha, and are currently available at SHIBUYA109 Osaka.



DimMoire is a fashion brand from Tokyo, Japan designed by Colomo. You will be able to see original DimMoire pieces in Otakon's Fashion show, featuring a special guest model.
With a concept of “clothes that’ll make you want to show off,” DimMoire embraces monotones as the underlying theme and suggests an original outlook of “applying gothic elements to everyday life”. In 2020, DimMoire launched their online shop which immediately sold out. Via social media, the brand is gaining more and more popularity every day.