The Otakurave is a dance featuring local djs from the central PA, NY, MD, VA, and DC areas. Friday and Saturday night the DJs spin everything from remixed pop songs to drum and bass, anime remixes, and everything in between. The Otakurave occurs from around 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM both nights (times will be finalized closer to the event). If you like loud music, a great crowd, and dancing all night, then this is where you want to be!

General Information & House Rules

  1. Dance is in Hall E

  2. No bags (of any size) will be allowed in the hall during dance hours

  3. No large costume props allowed

  4. Bag check will be provided

  5. Must have a valid Otakon badge to enter dance

  6. Concessions will be available for purchase and water stations (free) will be available throughout the hall

  7. No bottles will be allowed into the dance.

  8. No commercial grade photography or videographer equipment.


  • Location: Hall E
  • Approximate Time: Friday and Saturday nights 9:00 PM until 2:00 AM

Bag Policy

  • Bag/Coat check: Opens at 8:00PM.  There is a bag check available for a charge at the door. You must check your bag or you will not be admitted.
  • Otakon Staff will not hold, watch or in any way assume responsibility for member bags left out side, beside, or near entrance to Dance.
  • Check your coat at your own risk. The WEWCC and Otakon CANNOT be held responsible for items checked.
  • Must retain ticket to claim items checked

Note. This policy is to ensure member safety and prevent sale or distribution of prohibited substances.

Additional Rules for Otaku Rave

  • Must display badge at all times within the dance.
  • No glow sticks on strings (to avoid potential injury)
  • No excessive public displays of affection
  • If you are under the influence of ANY substances, you will be asked to leave.
  • No fighting.
  • Hula hoops can only be used provided space is available, and may or may not be permitted into the event.
  • R.O.A.R. --> Right of absolute refusal

2017 Dance Schedule



Saturday Midnight-2AM

The longest running D&B DJ in the USA and founder of Big Riddim Recordings, Dave AK1200, has been a driving force within Drum and Bass culture in America since its inception.



Saturday 10:30-Midnight

Few artists boast the creative scope of Lee Griffin and Hunter Watson, professionally known as 'Legion'. From their humble debut in 2009 on their own seminal USA based label 'Sine Language' to now releasing globally renowned anthems on most every competitive label in the industry, it is apparent the duo's technicality often goes unrivaled.


Bradley Drop

Friday 9PM

Coming out of Washington DC, is Breaks / Bass music producer Bradley Drop. His music and DJ sets are a blend of Florida Breaks, Booty Breaks, Trap, Twerk and Hip-Hop. His first release "The Beat Goes Like This," was released in 2013. Since then Bradley has released several original tracks and remixes which have reached the top 100 and top 10 on the breaks beatport chart, including the #1 track "That girl is" with DJ Lantern and #2 track "Nothing But A Thang"


Unknown DJ

Friday 9PM

Sum say he traded his hair to the devil (because his soul was already too dark) for advanced djing skillz in the breaks genre. Others say he was the original Plump DJ... whatever the case may be, if u like Breaks u like the Unknown Dj!!!



Friday 10PM

Jasko Kostjerevac aka "jaskotech" grew up to dance music and street parades in Switzerland, influenced by DJs such as Dave Clarke and Laidback Luke, he began his DJ career in central PA where he is a resident DJ at Bridges Social Club, known for his festival trap mixes, he is ready to take Otakon Dance to the next level.


Joe Kopasek

Friday 11PM

As one of the mid-Atlantic’s leading break beat Deejay’s, Joe Kopasek never fails to turn heads with a music selection unlike any other. Driven by a passion to find the latest and greatest sounds the world has to offer, Joe will go to great lengths to bring what he finds pleasing to his ears…to yours.


Monsterz Under the Bed

Friday (night) Midnight

Monsterz Under the Bed are a US based masked DJ duo. The DJ team have been across the country playing the biggest parties and festivals to date. They have gained a strong reputation for a blend of future house, electro, progressive, & dubstep sound. Supports from Badass and re:magine as well as with local Baltimore/DC metro clubs and promoters, keeps this duo fresh.



Friday (night) 1AM-2AM

This is a journey into FUNK. Dj's Daniella Downs and DJ aMp formed the powerhouse known as MALPHUNKTION years back, and when these two hit the booth there is one sole mission: to get your feet moving! Often performing on 4 decks and 2 mixers, these two combine over 20 years of DJ experience and knack for performance rarely seen these days in house music.


Proxxy & Lantern

Saturday 9PM

Together they formed Essential Bass, a local DC crew who develops and throws electronic music events. They've been pushing the break beat sound hard in the Washington, DC metro area. Much like electric avenue, they always bring an old-school vibe and keep the dance-floor current using a diverse track selection. Known for their energetic, booty bouncing sets, be sure not to miss these breakbeat US legends!




Year nine of providing Pokemon-style- seizure-inducing visuals, Faith in the Glitch is a mangled pixel-punk media destroyer, datamoshed anime ruiner, live AMV alchemist, FitG with torture you with a turntable, and maim you with a mixer. Your ears will bleed technicolor opulence. VJ, DJ and producer.

The Fourth Floor


The Fourth Floor (aka Tim Wingert), using his technical background in video production and passion for all forms of electronic dance music, he’s found a new love for providing energy-inspiring visuals for rave-goers. His real-time, never-canned, live performance styled approach to visuals always create a vivid and energy-charged atmosphere.



Saturday MC

Eyecue has been a driving force in the electronic music scene energizing dance floors as an MC for over 20 years. In the early days, we was the Hardcore/Happy Hardcore MC Hi-IQ, producing with Pitched Up Recordings and Headcase Recordings. He now performs all over the country with the best in Drum and Bass, Breaks and Hardcore.