Michael Bain

Michael Bain


Michael Bain is the Founder/CEO of Bainsoft Inc. and, Event Producer for Shine On! Kids, and Manager of Tokyo Underground Drag Collective Haus Von Schwarz.

He left his hometown Brisbane, Australia in 2014 to get closer to the video game music industry in Tokyo and has lived in Japan for over 10 years, uniquely positioned to help eliminate barriers between Japanese/Western companies and artists in the video game and music industries.

Michael worked under Donna Burke for 6 years, and in 2022, founded Tokyo-based Bainsoft, a talent agency and localization studio. Bainsoft manages narrators, singers, voice actors, and composers, matching English-speaking talent with Japanese companies, and vice versa. Recent works include the soundtrack to Rise of the Ronin, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth & Japanese localization of the F1 racing series.

Starting a company in Japan involves navigating culture, business relationships, and the difference in working and living expectations. These experiences have given Michael valuable insights into how to succeed in business and break the barriers between collaborative ventures globally.

When Michael isn’t working, he’s dabbling on the piano, dying in roguelikes, social coworking at various cafes in Nakano, or decompressing in the northern mountains of Gunma Prefecture.