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Otakon 2022 Hits Record Number


In the second year back since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the attendance for Otakon 2022 reached a record-breaking number of more than 40,000 memberships.  This year's total is roughly a 57% increase over 2021. Previously, the highest year for Otakon attendance was in 2013, when the convention reached 34,211 memberships.

Otakon 2023 will be held from July 28 to 30 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

Brian Cutler, the Otakon 2022 Con Chair, said,

This year we saw an amazing increase in attendance. Our membership jump was the largest increase in the last 20 years. Our all-volunteer organization really tries to keep things fresh at the event, and we have been working on events that came to fruition this year following several years of planning. We hope to continue this trend with new and exciting events in the years to come, but really want to thank our attendees for their patience and support this year as we continue to grow.

The attendance number includes total memberships/attendees, both pre-registered and at-door, as well as staff, dealers, artists, industry, contractors, guests, and members of the registered press.

The final number may be adjusted slightly after audits are conducted to ensure accuracy. Updated numbers, when completed, will appear on the Events Statistics page on the official Otakon website

To ensure safety, Otakorp Inc. continued to require masks at Otakon 2022. This year, all present were also required to present either proof of COVID vaccination or a negative PCR test.

This news post was back-dated to when this announcement was made during Otakon 2022 Closing Ceremonies.