News & Annoucements

Capital Area Budokai Workshop Participation

Are you interested in participating in one of several exciting events hosted by Capital Area Budokai? If so, register here! Capital Area Budokai will be hosting 4 workshops at Otakon 2018. Participation in each session will be limited to 10 participants selected via this web form here.

Self Dressing Kimono Workshop Sign Ups

Would you like to learn how to wear the Kimono? Register here for the Self Dressing Kimono Workshop at Otakon 2018.  The workshop is being presented by Kuniko Kanawa, Shinto Priestess, Certified Kimono Consultant, and Otakon Guest.

While all are welcome to attend, participation will be extremely limited due to supply.

Otakon Makerspace New For 2018

Are you interested in expressing your love for Asian culture through open-ended, self-guided projects? If so, stop by the brand-new Otakon Makerspace, hosted by the presenters behind the popular “Build-a-Bozu” workshop: Bumble & Clove! Open seating all weekend. Stop in anytime.

Read more about the Otakon Makerspace here.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game National Championship Regionals Tournament Information

Are you ready to join in an event on par with the Tournament of Power!? Well, get ready to dust off those moves because Otakon & Pro Play Games are bringing the Dragon Ball Super Card Game National Championship Regionals to Otakon 2018!  So bring your A-game and learn how to participate below. Don't forget to also give the PPG facebook page a like for more event updates!

Pre-Registration information here: