Art Show Requirements & Guidelines


  1. In accordance with Washington DC law, you must be at least 18 years old to register as an artist and/or bidder at Art Show, this includes the use of the online auction.
    • If you are under 18 and would like to submit artwork, you must have your parent or legal guardian register as your Artist Agent using the Artist Agent Form along with a copy of their government issued Photo I.D.
    • If you are under 18 and would like to bid on artwork you MUST have a parent/legal guardian register as a bidder to bid on your behalf.
    • If you are an artist and/or bidder and are under 18 you may NOT submit nor view the Hentai (18+ section) of art show. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Artists are NOT allowed to bid on their own artwork
    • Your bid will be removed along with your artwork
    • You will no longer be allowed to bid on any artwork
    • Your online I.D will be removed
    • Do not bid on your own art. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Art Show is required to collect from all Artists a completed and signed W9 form, for tax purposes upon registration. No Exceptions. A link to the W9 form is here: ArtShow W9
  4. Art Show’s Silent Auction is Online Only, you must register at Art show with your mobile device. Your mobile device is not required to view art in the Art Show.
  5. Artist’s Login/email and password becomes your bidder login as well. (If you choose to be a bidder you must fill out the bidder form)
  6. Artists and/or agents, and bidders may view the site before any images are live; you will not have full access until the time of the auction starts. (Start and end times for online auction can be found on the website as well as the awesome sheet of awesomeness.)
  7. All devises with photo capturing capabilities are NOT allowed to be used inside Art Show. They are allowed for registration to be an Artist and/or a Bidder in the Online Auction and for verification after the Live Auction.
    • If you have a camera, please keep the lens cap on while you are in Art Show. If you forget, a staff member will kindly remind you to do so.
    • If your camera does not have a lens cap, make sure it is turned off and the lens is pointed towards you.
    • NO game consoles with photo capturing capabilities are allowed.
    • Cellphones are not allowed to be used while you are in Art Show. (If you are a bidder and need help finding a piece of art from the online auction, please ask a staff memeber; do not use your phone.)
    • If you must use your phone for any purpose, please leave Art Show and return when you are finished.
    • If you use your phone inside Art Show, a staff member will kindly remind you to put your phone away: it may be put away in your pocket, purse/bag, and/or at your side with your hand covering it completely.
    • Please, show respect for our artists and do NOT take pictures of their artwork.
      • Become a bidder and bid Online on their art if you love the art.
      • If you are caught taking pictures you will be warned and asked to delete them from your phone.
      • If you are caught multiple times and/or refuse to delete pictures from your phone by an art show staffer and/or Co- Department Head of Art Show, we will contact the Head of Exhibitions, and you will be removed.
      • Do NOT touch the artwork

HENTAI (18+Section)

  1. The Hentai section of Art Show is for adult artwork that is suggestive, sensually explicit and not limited to revealing positions, scenery, clothing and/or body parts.
    • As an Artist and/or Bidder you must have an 18+ wristband in order to view this section of the Art Show. NO EXCEPTIONS. (18+ wristbands are obtained at the booth near Registration, please have your I.D ready to be checked.)
    • As an Artist submitting artwork to the Hentai section, you may explain why your art is or is not considered Hentai, the final decision lies with the Department Head of Art Show.

Hentai is NOT viewable online; Hentai is only viewable in person at Art Show. A “view in person only” place holder image will be uploaded online for such artwork.


  1. ALL ART MUST BE THE ORIGINAL WORK OF THE ARTIST. Artwork or reproductions of work created by other artists will not be accepted unless you are the authorized agent of the original artist. A signed Artist Agent Authorization form, Artist Registration Form and signed Acknowledgements, the artists signed W9 form, along with original artists artwork, a copy of their government issued I.D and your own is Required.
    • The Original Artist, using their email given on their Artist Registration Form (which should match the email given on the Agent Authorization form), must complete the Artwork Online Picture Submission Process via email. (Full details on this process are listed under Artist’s Registration and Submission Guidelines.)
    • If an Agent wishes to enter Art Show as an Artist, they must register separately.
    • If an Agent attempts to register their art under another Artist’s registration both the Agent and the Artist will be disqualified from participating in the Art Show.
  2. Any and all art which is not an original “one of a kind” work, such as a cel photocopied from the artist’s original sketch and painted in, must be clearly marked as such. (i.e. a print labelled as a print; Digital art must be labelled digital art.) This is information is valuable while you are completing the Artwork Online Picture Submission process.
  3. Multiple prints/copies of an artist’s original work will NOT be allowed.
  4. All artwork submitted to the Art Show must:
    • Be accompanied by the original artist (or their authorized agent)
    • Have already completed the Artwork Online Picture Submission process via email
    • Have a completed the Artist’s registration form and/or completed Agent Authorization form
    • All signed acknowledgements
    • A completed W9 form
    • Government issued I.D.
  5. Payment for the appropriate fees.Submitted material should be able to fit on an art flat (36’ by 72’) or stand freely upon a standard table (20” by 68”). Freestanding art must be less than 23” tall. All artwork must be completed before submission, along with the Artwork online picture submission process.
  6. Items such as T-shirts, magnets, puppets, plushies, and so on, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. While we heartily encourage free expression and exploration into varying media, Otakorp, Inc., at the discretion of the Art Show staff, reserve the right to reject any submitted artwork, or to remove submitted artwork from display.
  7. Art that is for sale in the Dealer’s Room or the Artist Alley will NOT be accepted for submission in the Art Show. There must be a significant difference between copies that are found elsewhere. Artwork will be rejected unless they are different size or scale, they are signed, numbered, and/or of a different medium than the artwork for sale in the Dealer’s Room or Artist Alley. Refunds will not be given for artworks in violation of this policy. The final decision lies with the Art Show Department head. ®
  8. Otakorp, Inc., will not be responsible for or defend and any claims of trademark or copyright infringement raised against or in connection with artwork submitted for the Art Show.
  9. By completing and signing the Artist’s Registration and/or Agent Authorization forms, and acknowledgement, you represent and warrant that you have the right to offer and sell all artwork or other goods submitted to the art show, and that such offering and selling will not infringe upon or violate any copyright, trademark, common law or statutory right of any person, firm or corporation. Further, by signing the Artists Registration and/or Artist Agent forms and acknowledgements, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Otakorp, its successors, licensees, and assigns, and the officers, agents, staffers, employees, directors, and representatives of each, from and against all claims, losses, liabilities, judgements, costs, expenses and damages ( including without limitation, attorneys’ fees and legal costs) in connection with an claim arising out of the offer or sale of the artwork in the art show and of the usage of the online auction.
  10. Physically mailed-in artwork will NOT be accepted in 2023.
  11. Shipping with not be an option at Art Show in 2023.
  12. All Payments will be made offline at the art show registers in 2023.
  13. Prior to Artist’s registration all Artists must follow and complete the Artwork Online Picture Submission Process.
  14. Acknowledgement(s) are on your forms and must be signed. The acknowledgment(s) are your acceptance and understanding of all Art Show Requirements and Guidelines, and of all Artist, Agent, and/or Bidder forms in their entirety. (No Exceptions)


  1. Only the Original Artist or their Authorized Agent may submit artwork at Art Show.
  2. Before arriving in Art Show Registration Line:
    • Complete the Artwork Online Picture Submission process via email
    • Complete and submit the Artist’s registration form and/or Agent Authorization form
    • Sign and submit all acknowledgements
    • Complete and submit a W9 form
    • Have your government issued I.D.
    • Have payment for the appropriate fees
    • Please submit all paperwork via email before arriving at Art Show
  3. Payment
    • $25 per lot; a lot is 10 pieces of artwork
    • When you pay for one lot, you will receive another lot for free!
    • This year when you submit any hentai artwork you will receive $10 dollars off your lot purchase. (This only applies to the 2023 Art Show. The offer of $10 dollars off applies only once regardless of the number of hentai pieces you submit. No Exceptions.)
    • You may make your payment for fees using cash or use debit/credit card. (Thursday hours are credit and debit only)
    • Art show CANNOT accept money orders, personal check and/or cashier checks. NO EXCEPTIONS.


This is the new artwork form process that must be completed by artists. It is extremely important to the follow- ing instructions in sending your Artwork information and Pictures via email.

Steps to complete Artwork Online Picture Submission Process

  1. Take photo(s) of all artwork you are going to be physically submitting at art show. (Remember this is the image everyone will see online.)
  2. Artists must use the same email address associated with all forms.
  3. Send your email to
  4. The subject line of your email must be: Your Full legal name as it appears on your government issued I.D.
  5. Attach all individual photos of each artwork that you are submitting to art show. (The attachment feature is the paper clip icon.)
  6. The Body of your email will be all artwork information listed in the following order:
    • Nom De Plume.
    • The Number/Name of your artwork photo as it appears as an attachment.
    • The Title, Medium, and Starting bid price of each piece.
    • All photos must be PNG, or JPG/JPEG. Other formats will NOT be accepted.
    • All photos of artwork will be given an official Otakon Watermark done ONLY by art show staff before they are uploaded to the auction website.
  7. ONLY Art show staff are allowed to fill out bid cards, this will be done with you at Art Show registration. (This will ensure and verify all information matches online entry, forms, and artwork submitted at art show.)


  1. Please bring your business cards, (handwritten contact information will NOT be accepted) this will allow you possible commissions after and outside of the convention. Art show staff will tack them up or set them near your artwork.
  2. Fill out ALL Required forms, Artists Registration and/or Agent, Acknowledgements, and W9, this includes sending Artwork Online Picture Submission Process, in their entirety BEFORE you arrive at Art Show. All forms are encouraged to be sent via email.
  3. If your piece is done in ink, pencil, and/or any other easily damaged medium, we recommend protecting it with a layer of fixer or plastic covering.
  4. Pricing your work for starting bid can be a challenge. We offer this tip: Start your bid on the lower end of what you can stand. You don’t want to short-change yourself. However, starting your bid too high will ensure no one bids on it at all.
  5. Your email/ login when registering as an Artist and/or Agent will also be your bidder login. Please do not share will anyone. Keep your login and password safe. You are responsible for all bids made in your name. No Exceptions.
  6. Artist/agent registration will close at 2pm Saturday night.

Artists Artwork Pick-up

  1. Artists must pick up their unsold artwork on Sunday ONLY during the times listed in the Hours of Operation.
  2. The Artists pick up line is separate from the bidder pick up line. ®
  3. Only the original artist or authorized agent may pick up unsold artwork. If the artist is not able to pick up artwork and would like to authorize someone to act as their agent, they must provide a signed letter to that effect, along with a photocopy of both their government issued photo ID’s. All unsold artwork must be signed for.
  4. Any unsold/unclaimed artwork left behind after the convention closes on Sunday becomes the property of Otakorp, Inc and will be discarded at the discretion of Art Show staff. NO artwork will be held/or stored.
  5. Bid Cards: Do Not keep any bid cards, they must be signed and handed back. Anyone including and not limited to Artists, agents, and/or bidders will be held responsible for any and all losses that may happen. No Exceptions.

Bidder Registration Requirements

  1. Bidders MUST register at Art Show, ONLY during listed Hours of Operation. (Hours are subject to be change.)
  2. When registering at art show, you must have:
    • Completed all valid forms. (Bidder form /Acknowledgement)
    • Your Government issued picture I.D (your student I.D and/or bank/credit card will NOT be accepted as valid Identification.)
    • Your cellphone or other mobile device (This will simplify signing you up for the auction.)
  3. Bidder Payment Requirements
    • Have a Valid Debit/Credit card and/or cash.
    • All Payments during Art show 2023 will be made offline. (There is no online payment this year.)

Bidder Requirements and Guidelines

  1. You MUST register at Art Show to bid in the online auction. If you are participating in the Live Auction only, we will require information only if you are a winning bidder. (Live Auction is held Sunday during listed Hours of Operation)
  2. Do NOT bid more than you feel comfortable with, all bids are binding. You are agreeing to pay the price of your bid if you win the item(s).
  3. All bids Must be made in WHOLE dollar increments. No Exceptions.
  4. Your Online I.D and Password prove your Identity. Do NOT give out or let anyone use your online I.D and password. You will be held responsible for all bids made with your Online I.D.
  5. If the total number of bids online on any item is more than 6, the item will be sent to Live Auction. All potential winners on items will receive emails informing them they are the winning bidder and/or the item(s) have gone to Live Auction. (You will also receive email(s) if you are the top bidder and/or if you have been out bid.)
    • a. The only exception if anything happens to slow or stall internet connection with last minute bids, we will use our Extended Bidding Option.
    • b. The Extended Bidding Option: will automatically extend the end time of an item by 3 minutes when a bid has been made during the final 3 minutes. This process continues until no new bids are made during the final 3 minutes of the item bidding window and/or the auction has reached the maximum limit of 30 minutes beyond the original end time. When an auction is extended you will see the message for Extended Bidding displaying throughout the auction with a link to easily view all the extended items. (Extended bidding is a choice the auction administrator has the option to turn on and will only if necessary, making bidding end time 10:30pm. No other Exceptions are authorized and/or available.)
  7.  The Live Auction Proxy-bid will NOT be utilized/accepted in 2023. (You Must attend in person to bid in the Live Auction held on Sunday, see Hours of Operation.)
  8. Bidders who do Not pay for item(s) won will be considered Delinquent.
    • Delinquent bidders will NO longer be allowed to: become an artist and/or agent and/or Bidder for any future years of Art Show
    • You Must pay the Delinquent Bidder Fee of $85 dollars to be reinstated and allowed to participate in any future years of Art Show.
    • There are no other exceptions for Delinquent Bidders; Do NOT become a Delinquent Bidder.


  1. The Bidder Pick up Line is separate from the Artists Pick up line.
  2. Bidder Registration will Close at 8:45pm on Saturday night.
  3. Only the Original Bidder may pick up items won.
  4. All items won MUST be picked up before the close of art show on Sunday.
  5. All payments will be made offline this year and are received at designated registers at Art Show and must be paid for in Art Show by 2pm Sunday. (These hours will not change. See Hours of Operation)
  6. All Live Auction Payments must be received by the end/conclusion of the Live Auction


  1. Beginning in 2023 all payments will be electronic only; no paper checks will be mailed.
  2. All artists with sold artwork will receive their sales receipt via email within 6 weeks of the close of the convention.
    1. The email will contain a link to the payment form
      1. Artists with US based banking should choose ACH payment
      2. Artiists with non-US based banking should choose Wire Transfer

Art Show Hours of Operation: Will be posted here when available. You may also find Art show Hours of Operations located on the Awesome Sheet of Awesomeness.

All Bidders who come to pick up their artwork will receive a Blue Art Show Tote Bag. (Limit one tote per bidder pick up and while supplies last.)

Thank you All Very Much, have FUN at Otakon and in Art Show 2023!

Co-Department Head
Chris Jennings
Co-Department Head
Alexa Leitkowski
Assistant Department Head
Nolan Harper


Art Show Requirements & Guidelines

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