Photo Suite

Join us for the very best in cosplay photography by professional photographers who know just what a cosplayer needs. Immortalize your costume by submitting your image to the Otakon archives for free and go down in Otakon history! You can also purchase prints or digital copies from your photoshoot.

Stop by the Photo Suite in Salon ABC on Level 1 in the Grand Lobby for more details.

Hours of Operation

Location: Salon ABC

Operational Hours:

Day Open Close  
Friday 10 AM 8 PM OPEN
Saturday 10 AM 8 PM OPEN
Sunday 10 AM 3 PM OPEN
Photoshoots stop at noon


Photo Suite FAQ


Q: What is the Photo Suite?

A: The Photo Suite is a place where you can get your picture taken in costume with professional lighting and backgrounds by professional photographers. You can choose to submit your photo to the Otakorp photo libraries where they may be used in future publications. You can also purchase prints, as well as digital copies of your photos. Prints will be mailed within a week of the convention.

Q: When is the Photo Suite open?
  • Friday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM for Photos
  • Sunday 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM for Pickup Only
Q: Do you allow multiple poses?

A: Usually the photographer will take at least three poses per person, but it can be more. When there are many people waiting in line we generally limit the number of poses you may take. Feel free to ask.

Q: What kind of prints do you sell?

A: We will be selling 8x10 and 4x6 prints from professional photo printers, the same quality of printing you would get from a professional photo store.

Q: Since you guys are digital, can I get digital copies?

A: Yes — with some limitations. We sell individual high resolution digital copies (suitable for printing) as well as the full set of photos from your photoshoot at low resolution (suitable for e-mail and putting on the web). All digital copies must be placed on Otakon USB thumb drives, which are provided for free with purchase of a digital copy. We will not accept personal thumb drives or other media types, nor do we e-mail photos. Individual high resolution digital copies will cost $20 for the first image and $10 for each additional image. A full set of low resolution images will cost $40 or a full set of high resolution images can be purchased for $90. And for groups larger than 2, it is $60 for low res full session and $150 for high res full session.

Q: Wait, you are charging me for large groups?

A: No and yes: only if you want to buy the full photo session in high or low res. When you have more than 2 people, we take a LOT more photos, and you GET a lot more photos. We understand that this is a lot of extra money, so we actually condone and suggest you buy one drive and share the images with the group later. You can buy extra Otakon USB drives for $10 apiece.

Q: What's the difference between high resolution and low resolution digital copies?

A: A high resolution digital copy will be a full resolution image in JPEG format from the camera (generally 8MP) and will be suitable for printing up to 16"x20" prints. A low resolution digital copy will be a drastically smaller JPEG (640x480) and will be suitable for posting on the internet and e-mailing to friends. Low resolution digital copies are generally not sufficient resolution for printing.

Q: What am I allowed to do with my digital copy?

A: With the purchase of the digital copy, we are allowing personal use — which means you can share it with your friends, post it on the internet, and make your own prints (if you purchased a high resolution copy) but you cannot use it commercially (that is, you can't make money off it). Otakorp still retains the copyright for all images taken in the Photo Suite.

Q: Do you provide a printing release for the digital copy?

A: A printing release can be provided for the individual high resolution digital copies upon request. A printing release will allow you to print your photo anywhere. Print releases will not be provided for the low resolution sets since the photos in those sets will not be suitable for printing.

Q: When do I pay for my print(s) or digital copy?

A: If you choose to purchase a print or digital copy, payment will be collected after your photo is taken and you have selected which images you would like.

Q: How/When do I get my print or digital copy?

A: After you pay for your order, you will be given an estimate for when your order will be ready. In most cases, digital copies are available immediately after payment and prints will be available about 4 hours after having your picture taken. Show your receipt and you will be able to pick up your order.

Q: Will I get to look at a proof or anything before I order, so I can decide if I like the photo?

A: After your photoshoot we will show you previews from your entire photoshoot on a large (40+") monitor.

Q: Do you guarantee the quality of the print I purchase?

A: We cannot guarantee the results of the photograph. We promise that we will do our best to give you the best result possible, but the number of factors inherent in photography, including that of personal subjective tastes, prevents us from pleasing everyone. Sales are final.

Q: What if I want more prints a month or so down the road? Can I get you guys to do reprints for me?

A: We do not do reprints. However you may ask for (and pay for) multiple copies when you make your initial order with us or you may purchase a high resolution digital copy of any photos you may want a reprint of.

Q: Can I get a print of someone else's photo?

A: No, we will only sell prints to those featured in the picture.

Q: Can I use my own camera or ask you to use it to take my picture?

A: For technical reasons, we cannot allow the use of outside cameras in the Photo Suite, as they can interfere with our lighting.

Q: I don't have any cash but I want to purchase a print or digital copy. Can I pay by check/credit card/pocky/toys/favor instead?

A: We accept cash, as well as Visa/Mastercard and Travelers' checks. We do not accept personal checks or personal favors.

Q: Can we take group photos?

A: As long as you can safely squeeze in front of the backdrop, yes. And sometimes even when you can't. Due to the extra time it takes for shooting large groups, we do reserve the right to refuse some groups. Come talk to us in the Photo Suite to discuss your large group to see if there is a time we can accommodate you.

Q: What is this about a model release?

A: By signing the model release, you're signing your rights of your likeness over to the Otakon for possible publication. You could be on our website or in our program book!

Q: Can I still get a photograph taken if I choose not to sign the model release?

A: Yes, in this case we will still take your picture for you and you can purchase a print or digital copy.

Q: Can I still get a photograph taken if I choose not to purchase a print so I can be a part of future Otakorp publications?

A: Yes, in this case you must sign the release; otherwise there will have been no reason for you to get your picture taken, other than the pleasure of being blinded by the lights.

Q: What is this about an age limit for the Photo Suite?

A: The age limit does not apply to getting your picture taken, and purchasing copies of those photos!

The only age restrictions that exist pertain to submitting your photos to the Otakorp photo libraries. To submit your photo to the Otakorp libraries, you must sign a model consent and release form, which is available at the Photo Suite. If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign the form. You do not need to be 18 to have your photograph taken for the purposes of purchasing a print or digital copy, and all ages are welcome.

Q: The form says I have to have a parent's/guardian's signature if I'm a minor, but my parents aren't here. Can I still get my picture taken?

A: Yes. The signature means that Otakorp can use the photos we take of you in future publications. If you don't sign you can still order a print or digital copy, we just won't use you in any of our publications. You can also take a form to be signed by your parent/legal guardian and bring it back.

Q: There are both adults and minors in our cosplay group. Can we still get our picture taken without parental permission? Can the adults in the group sign for the minors?

A: In order for us to be able to use your picture in our publications, we need signatures from the parent or legal guardian of all minors involved. Again, you can still get your picture taken for prints or digital copies without signing the form.

Q: So wait… does this mean you're going to card me? I have to bring ID?

A: Yes, if you are signing your forms in front of us we will potentially require proof of age. Please bring a photo ID that displays your birth date.

Q: Why are you requiring proof of age for this? I don't see any other photographers in the halls asking to see my ID.

A: The photography suite rules are based on legal obligations for publication. Generally hall photography is for personal use and falls under different rules.

Q: Can we have our parents or guardians fill out the forms for us to bring?

A: We use a digital system and will require that your parent or guardian be present to sign the form.

Q: How are group shots being handled? Do we fill out one form?

A: Each member of a group must fill out a form.

Q: What happens if only one or two people in a group wish to submit their photo to the Otakorp photo libraries?

A: Unfortunately, every model featured in the photo must sign the release statement for Otakorp for it to be valid. If a group does not or cannot all sign a form, we are willing to take a photo separately of the group. Mix and match your group as much as you wish, just remember that you cannot hold up the others waiting to get their photo taken.

Q: I loved the photos that I got! Are your photographers available for private shoots?

A: We're glad you loved your photos, and we always encourage you to get to know your photographer. Many of our photographers offer their services year round, so don't be afraid to ask for their contact information (some are even available for weddings, rock concerts, bar mitzvahs, etc.!). Private photo shoots are handled directly with the photographer of your choice. None of our photographers are paid for their work at Otakon. Please show your support and appreciation by requesting private commissions.

Q: What if you didn't answer my question?

A: We are not monsters. If you have a specific request not listed on the FAQ, please ask! We don't bite. We can't guarantee we will say yes, but we will listen to any reasonable request.