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Hotel Block Opens Monday!

The Official Otakon Room Block is opening Monday November 29th at Noon!


Hotel Block Opens Monday!

We said big news was coming!   This is the first announcement we've got ready for you, but there's more on the way...

The Official Otakon Room Block is opening Monday November 29th at Noon!

Lower Rates, More Rooms, more deals!

We know it took a little longer to open the hotel block this year, but your patience is being rewarded.  We've been spending the time working with the hotels to get you lower rates and more special deals!

We're very happy to announce that many of our hotels have agreed to either keep their rates at 2021 levels or even lower them for 2022.  And we're not done!  If you book early in our room block and we are able to negotiate an even better rate, you'll get that rate automatically.

View the full list of all the hotels available, special deals, and the link to our housing portal at:

Already Booked Your Hotel?  You're not in our block!

That's right, if you've already booked your hotel before Monday Nov. 29th, then you won't get the benefits of booking in our room block, including automatically receiving  any lower rates or other special deals that we can arrange with the hotel.

In addition, you could be subject to unreasonable cancellation or change penalties.  When you book via our housing portal, most hotels will allow you to cancel your reservation up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival without penalty.

If you've already booked your hotel, take a look at our housing portal and see if we've got the better deal!