Registration FAQ

Online Registration / ShowClix

All registrations are processed through our official partner, ShowClix.  If you need any help with processing your registration you should contact them directly (

When you fill out the online registration form, we ask you to fill out a number of fields to help identify you.  There are important reasons why we ask each question and filling the form out correctly will help speed you through the registration process.  Below are some of the questions and what we would like you to provide.

  • Attendee Name: This should be your full name, as it appears on your government issued photo id (that you'll need when you pick up your badge on-site).  Even if you're having your badge mailed, it's important this field matches your id in case you lose your badge and we need to identify you.  No nicknames, cosplay names, handles, etc. here, please.
  • Membership ID Number:  If you've attended Otakon before, you can enter your Member ID here and we'll match your registration for 2018 up to your account.  If you don't know your Member ID, you can look it up by logging in to the Members Only page.  If you're not sure or have trouble logging into your account, this field is optional (it helps keep our records clean).  We'll still try and match your name/email address to any previous accounts you may have created.
  • Member Address: This should be the address of the member as shown on your government issued photo id.  We'll ask this for each attendee you're registering.
  • Member Phone Number: If we need to reach you during the con, a good number we can contact you at.  For example, if you lose your badge and someone turns it in to our Lost and Found department, we'll try to let you know.
  • Member E-Mail: An email address we can contact you in case we need to.  We never sell your information to others, this is for our contact purposes.
  • Gender: Having some demographic information about our members helps us when we work to bring you great content.  If you'd rather not answer the question, that option is available.
  • Date of Birth: Again, this needs to match what's on your photo id.
  • Emergency Contact Name / Phone Number: We hope we don't need to use this, but in case something happens please provide the name and phone number of someone we can contact.
  • Otakon Subscription Preference: Would you like to receive our newsletter?  Hopefully you'll say "Yes" here.  We'll send out updates from time to time with guest announcemnts, events and other exciting things going on we think you should know about.  We try to keept these to no more than once a month (though we usually thorw in a couple more right before con).

All children age 12 and under must be accompanied by a registered parent or guardian at all times.  Child memberships are only available at the door.  When you visit our Registration Desk at the convention, you will be asked to fill out written parent/guardian contact information that the child will be required to carry with them at all times.

Children 8 and under are admitted free to Otakon when accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Children 9-12 are eligiable for a special discounted child rate for Full Weekend (Supporting Memberships).  Sorry, there is no discounted Single Day (Trial Membership) for children.

While we understand unforseen things can happen, unfortunatly our membership sales are final, we can not offer refunds or downgrades on existing memberships.

After you complete your online registration, you will receive an email confirmation from our third-party registration provider, ShowClix.  Be sure to check your junk mail/spam folders if you do not see it.

Your receipt email contains your Confirmation ID and a QR code you can print or display on your mobile device.  Bringing this code to Otakon when you pick up your badge (if you did not select to have your badge mailed), along with a valid government-issued photo ID (required), can help speed things up.  Having the QR code is not required to pick up your badge (the photo ID is) and is not a substitute for a valid photo ID.

If you did not recieve your confirmation email, need it resent or need to access your barcode, please log into ShowClix's My Tickets page using the email address used when the purchase was made.

Please be aware that if you are paying with a debit card, a hold may be placed on your card for the total amount you intend to pay for membership registration. A separate charge will then appear shortly thereafter for the actual payment. The held charge typically disappears after 5-7 business days depending on your bank. Because it is your bank that places the hold on the card, there is nothing we can do to remove it. If you suspect there was a server error that resulted in a double-charge on your card, please wait 14 days before contacting us.

If you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to get around the convention, you can let us know about it in advance by selecting the 'Member Accessibility' box on the registration form. When you arrive at the convention center to pick up your badge, go directly to the Member Accessibility booth in the registration lobby to check in and obtain a badge ribbon as well as information on how to get around. For more detailed information please view the complete guide coming soon.

Otakon is the annual meeting of the members run by non-profit organization, Otakorp, Inc.  When you register to attend Otakon, you're actually getting a membership to Otakorp.

Otakorp’s stated mission is “to promote the appreciation of Asian culture, primarily through its media and entertainment".  We do that primarily through our annual membership meeting, Otakon!  Many fan-run conventions use membership models like ours.  There's no extra commitments you're signing up for.  From time to time, our friends and industry parteners offer special discounts or contests to our members.

Information about Otakorp, Inc. can be found at

Your Otakorp membership entitles yout attend our annual membership event: Otakon!

Supporting memberships include admission to all THREE full days of the educational, cultural and inspring programming of the type we have been providing for over 25 years.  These include informational fan panels, guest and industry panels, and educational workshops.  We have a large dealer’s room and artist’s alley featuring amazing creations honoring Asian culture and fandom. We have a video game room as well as table-top gaming highlighting Asian cultural experiences. We also offer a Friday concert and a Sunday concert.

Trial memberships offer you ability to sample the Otakon experience and get a look at some of our amazing content, informational East Asian culture-releated programming and so much more.  We hope you enjoy your experience and choose to upgrade to a full Supporting Membership.

If you've joined us before and know your Member ID from previous years, you can enter it when you register.  This helps us keep our records in good shape.  If you don't remember your Member ID and password, you can reset your password at this link.

We use a third-party vendor, ShowClix, to process our registrations.  If you've received your Confirmation ID and show up as registered in ShowClix's My Tickets website (have your Billing Contact log in), you're all set.  If you do not show up on ShowClix's site or have troubles logging in there, please contact them directly.  We regularly synchornize our database with the data from ShowClix, but sometimes differences in how the data is entered prevents it from showing up correctly on our website.

Mailed badges are only available for Full Weekend (Supporting Members).  If you did not select to have your badge mailed at the time of purchase, you can add the option as long as you do so before the mailed badge deadline.

To add the mailed badge option after your purchase, you can contact ShowClix directly.  Please see thier Support Center for contact information.

Sorry, we can only ship to addresses in the continental United States.

We are not able to mail to other areas.

To update your shipping addres, please contact ShowClix directly.  Please see their Support Center for contact information.

We ship badges roughly a month before the convention.  We'll post updates on our website with more details as badges start to ship.

Ready to Register?

Registration opens December 19th.  Click here to register.

Other Questions?

If you have any issues with the online registration process, missing confirmation emails, payment issues, etc., please vist the ShowClix Support Center and use the contact information on that page.  They will be able to provide you with the fastest support.

If you have any issues you are unable to get resolved through ShowClix, or issues that are not directly registration related, please check our Interactive Help page.  If your question isn't answered there, you can use the links on the right to post a public question or contact our Online Registration department directly via an e-mail form. Please use the public question form for general questions about the registration process.  Questions regarding individual registrations should be addressed through the e-mail form. If you choose to e-mail us, please provide your full name in the message you send to us. The more information we have to start with, the faster we can help you.