Registration Updates: 2018 Edition

2018 Membership Levels FAQ

Q: Why have you made these changes?

A: Our membership have asked for more options to access all of the amazing educational experiences available when attending Otakon. We have heard your concerns, and have created these trial memberships to hopefully reach out to more people interested in the opportunity to experience our informative panels, our creative workshops, our video gaming experiences, and all of our extraordinary cultural programming. We want the opportunity to share these experiences with a broader audience, including local DC people who are just learning about our organization, and can’t necessarily commit for all three days.


Q: What are the benefits of a supporting membership vs either of the new trial memberships?

A: If you purchase a supporting membership, you will have THREE full days of educational, cultural, inspiring programming. These include informational fan panels, guest and industry panels, and educational workshops.  We have a large dealer’s room and artist’s alley featuring amazing creations honoring Asian culture and fandom. We have a video game room as well as table-top gaming highlighting Asian cultural experiences. We also offer a Friday concert and a Sunday concert.

Purchasing a 3-day supporting membership will allow you to experience all 3 days of illuminating cultural programming. Purchasing a Sat/Sun only membership will allow you to experience an amazing educational “weekend away.”  Purchasing a Sunday-only membership will allow you to experience an introductory full day of informational East Asian culture-related programming, including an amazing concert, all for the price of a dinner out.


Q: How do we purchase a membership?

A: Pre-registration

Attendees will be able to pre-register for all 3 memberships.  

3-day supporting memberships will have the opportunity to add on the “mailed badges” option.  If you choose not to have your 3-day membership mailed, you can pick up your badges starting on Thursday, August 9,2018 at 3:00pm.  

To avoid any confusion, Sat/Sun memberships may be purchased online, however, badges may only be picked up when on-site registration opens Saturday, August 11, 2018.  

Sunday-only membership may be purchased online, however, badges may only be picked up when on-site registration opens Sunday, August 12, 2018.


Q: What happened to the $5 membership renewal discount?

A: By offering these new membership options, we’re trying to offer a significant discount to our members that cannot attend all three days of our convention.  To simplify the costs associated with membership, we decided to continue the early-bird pre-registration discount to $85 for the first 10,000 members, and $95 for the remainder of pre-registering members, but to discontinue the $5 previous member discount.


Q: If I've already purchased a trial membership, can I add additional days to my visit by upgrading to a higher membership level?

A: We have a long-standing policy of “no refunds” for membership, but we are also sensitive to the needs of our members, and will be offering the ability to upgrade your membership!  

If you purchased either of the trial memberships, and would like to upgrade to our 3-day supporting membership, you would simply pay the difference in cost.  To truly experience all of the amazing cultural, academic, and exciting programming that Otakon has to offer, please consider a full 3-day membership.


Q: If I arrive late, can I downgrade my membership and get a refund for the difference?

A: No. Registration sales are final, and we do not offer refunds or 'downgrades' on existing memberships.


Q: Why is there no “Friday only" or "Saturday only" badge?

A: Otakon does not sell “badges".  When you register, you're purchasing a membership to Otakorp. Your Otakorp membership allows you to attend our annual convention, Otakon.  This is where we are able to share educational, culturally relevant programming with our members.  The new trial memberships allow us to offer a discount to those people who cannot attend all three days of our convention.


Q: Can I pick up my trial membership on Thursday? Can I have my trial membership mailed?

A: No, Saturday/Sunday trial memberships are only valid starting Saturday morning and Sunday-only trial memberships are only valid starting on Sunday morning.  So while you are able to pre-register for trial memberships, the badges can only be picked up on the first day that they are valid.


Q: Are trial memberships available for children too?

A: As in previous years, children 8 and under are admitted for free with a registered parent or guardian. Be sure to bring children to the registration desk so that they can receive their own special badge!


Q: Why have the badge mailing rates changed?

A: The shipping rates we pay for the badge packages have increased over time, and so we have to increase prices to keep up with these costs. However, we have also changed the price structure so that it is a flat fee for up to 10 badges in a package.


Q: What is the deadline to select to have my badges mailed to me?

A: The opportunity to choose to have your badges mailed to you closes at 12:01am on Monday, May 28th. 

Q: I purchased a membership, but when I log into Otakon's website it shows that I am "Inactive"

A: We're using a new third-party vendor, ShowClix, this year to process our registrations.  We'll be regularly synchronizing our database with theirs, but it may sometimes take longer than normal for you to be displayed as Active in our database.  Don't worry, if you've received your Confirmation ID and show up as registered in ShowClix's My Tickets website, you're all set.  If you do not show up on ShowClix's site or have troubles logging in there, please contact them directly.

Q: If I have a problem with how I was charged do I contact Otakon’s helpdesk first or ShowClix?

A: This year, we're using a new third-party vendor, ShowClix, to process our registrations.  If you have any issues with your purchase or retrieving your confirmation, please contact them directly using their support site:

If you have any registration issues that you are unable to get resolved through ShowClix, you can let us know via our online help desk page.