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Naohiro Kasuya

Naohiro Kasuya

Headmaster (Iemoto)

Born in 1980, Naohiro Kasuya is the son of the late Akihiro Kasuya, from whom he learned Ikebana from an early age. On January 20th 2019, he inherited leadership of Ichiyo Ikebana School to become the 4th generation headmaster.
While being an instructor, he is also a performer. He has performed at solo-exhibitions, Ikebana exhibitions and live performances.
His works have featured in movies and TV dramas. He has also collaborated with artists from other fields, and put on demonstrations not only in Japan. His workshops and live performances have taken place in Belgium (Ikebana International Ninth European Regional Conference in Bruge), Singapore(I.I. Singapore Chapter’s 50th Anniversary), Australia, India, U.S.A (Metropolitan Museum etc.), China, New Zealand, South Africa, Ukraine. He is engaging in Ikebana culture around the world and re-importing new point of view and tastes to integrate with Japanese Ikebana culture.

In order to pass on the Japanese culture of Ikebana to future generations, Iemoto Naohiro is seeking to raise awareness of ikebana culture and further develop this “art of flower arrangement”.

Standing Committee member of Japan Ikebana Arts Association Counselor of Ikebana Association