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Michael Vescera is an American heavy metal singer for various bands and projects, such as Loudness (Soldier of Fortune, On the Prowl, Live at the Budokan), Obsession (Marshall Law, Scarred for Life, Methods of Madness, Carnival of Lies, Order of Chaos), Yngwie Malmsteen (The Seventh Sign, Magnum Opus), Animetal USA, D-Metal Stars and presently AniMaze X.

In 2011 Mike started (ANIMETAL USA) (Sony Music), playing heavy metal versions of Japanese Anime theme songs. (Following in the steps of the Japanese project Animetal.) This project features Rudy Sarzo on bass, Scott Travis on drums (Later Jon Dette on Drums), and Chris Impelliterri on guitar. "Animetal USA 1" and "Animetal W" both charted at number one In Japan. Two succseful tours of Japan followed(sharing the bill with Jam Project), an appearance at "LoudPark" and the Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Animetal USA also collaborated and recorded the theme song for the Naruto spin off, "Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals" as well as a song for Ressha Sentai ToQger 2 mini album - 2014 (Columbia), "I've been working on the railroad" (metal version), Animetal USA with Shogo Kamata (Japanese Vocal).

In mid 2016, in a spin off of the Animetal USA project, Vescera with Rudy Sarzo on bass, John Bruno (Obsession) on guitar, and BJ Zampa (House of Lords) on drums, recorded a new project. This project D-Metal Stars "Metal Disney" was released in October 2016 on Walt Disney Records in the Japanese market. It reached No. 3 on the Amazon Japan Hard Rock / Metal Best Sellers chart, and No. 2 on the Children's Chart. The album was then released for the US Market on March 31, 2017, by UMG, Universal Music Group landing on the Billboard, iTunes, and Amazon charts.

In 2018, Vescera produced, arranged a rock guitar project called "Disney Super Guitar" (titled "Super Guitar Disney" in Japanese market). This is an instrumental release featuring a guest lead guitarist on each song. Featuring Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, Richie Kotzen, Orianthi, Ron Thal, Mike Orlando, Phil X, Jeff Watson, and Tak Matsumoto. Super Guitar Disney became a No. 1 Best Seller on the Amazon Japan Anime Chart, and No. 3 Best Seller on Amazon Japan Rock Chart.

Mid-2018, Michael launched a new project called "AniMaze X". This is a project started by the members of D-Metal Stars that encompasses a wider variety of music themes such as superheros, popular cartoons, Broadway musicals and movie soundtracks all played in the Metal style. Live Metal performance with a theatrical style production.