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Kim Hanjae

Kim Hanjae

Professor / Manhwaga

As one of Korea's top Otaku professors, Kim Hanjae teaches students at Gangdong University, Korea as a professor in the Department of Manhwa, Animation and Contents.

She debuted as a manhwaga at the age of 21 and majored in Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has a master's degree in animation and a PhD in Emotional Engineering.

She held various exhibitions and forums including SICAF, BICOF, and many other Korean manhwa festivals, and has also participated in many international exhibitions such as Annecy, France.

She is eager to explore and appreciate everything about manga, dedicating herself to this endeavor every day. She is absolutely thrilled to participate in this year’s Otakon, and feels like the happiest person in the world!