Ho San Yi

Ho San Yi.JPG

Voice Actor

We are excited to announce Ho San Yi will be joining us at Otakon 2018 as part of the talent behind Mystic Messenger! Ho San provides the voice for V! Ho San does a wide range of roles from Ryohei in Hitman:Reborn, Tanaka in Haikyuu, Ishido Shuuji in Thunder 11 Go, Ryu in Kimi no Todoki, and Suigetsu, Shin, and Sora in Naruto! You also may know him as Lucio from Overwatch, Michaela from Dungeon and Fighter, or heard him around Maplestory! Ho San is thankful to people from all over the world listening to his voice and being interested and he is happy to join us this year! Otakorp is thankful to Cheritz co., ltd. for helping us bring out this talented performer.