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Manhwa Company

Dokkotak Company was founded in 2016 to honor the late Lee Sangmoo, a legendary manhwaga in Korean manhwa history, and continues to enhance the permanent legacy of his works. Late Lee Sangmoo debuted in 1964 submitting 4 cut manhwa to Yeongnam Ilbo as a high school student. And in 1971, he created the unparalleled "Dokko Tak" and started the golden era for Dokko Tak in the 1970s ~ 1980s Korean manhwa scene. Lee's work could be understood as Dokko Tak's multiverse. Lee has created over 300 titles with Dokko Tak as the main character. Though the story, character's age, or looks may differ, the main character will always be Dokko Tak. Lee's manhwa has the overall theme of Dokko Tak, who was born unfortunate, with weaknesses, and accepts his own limitations, but strives for the best to obtain his own self success.

Dokkotak Company is trying to continue "the way of Dokko Tak" via various projects, with the most important project of all being compiling all of Dokko Tak that Lee has created into a character "Dokkotak, A Little Boomer." Dokkotak, A Little Boomer has all of the memories and souls of Dokko Tak that had appeared in over 300 titles, and is therefore considered Dokko Tak's meta level. Born in 1971, he has the body of an 8 year old filled with a very mature soul due to his past 300 lives. His iron will combined with a young child's personality that never ages, he may look like a stubborn child but he will surprise you.

Dokkotak, A Little Boomer will be attending Otakon himself to meet with everyone to promote himself as well as the world that had created him through various channels..