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Musical Guest

BRADIO is a funky band formed by Takaaki Shingyoji(Vo), Soichi Oyama(Gt), Ryosuke Sakai(Ba). Their music covers a wide variety of music genres such as Rock, Funk, R&B, Blues, and Latin. Those who love danceable funk music like Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire must listen to BRADIO. BRADIO was formed in a concept of adding a nice touch to entertainment. Led by the drum and bass which plays different sounds to each song, Vo SHINGYOUJ’s attractive soulful shout and sexy falsetto fascinate all the FUNKY PARTY PEOPLE.

You’ll know BRADIO from their hits such as Flyers which was the opening in Death Parade (2015), HOTEL ALIEN for Peeping Life (2015), INAZUMA JACKET for Duel Masters (2018.) They are currently enjoying a top ten spot for Japanese artists on Spotify. They’ve played huge venues such as Summer Sonic and ROCK IN JAPAN FES but this will be their first time performing on the East Coast.

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