Check In

This year, all dealers arriving Thursday will be checking in at the booth located at the corner of L and 9th.

Check In Times

Day Open Close Note
Thursday 8 AM 6 PM  
Friday 8 AM 11 AM INSIDE OF THE MOUNT VERNON LOBBY, Corner of Mt Vernon and 9th

Set Up Times

Day Open Close Note
Thursday 8 AM 8 PM
Friday 8 AM Noon  
Saturday 8 AM 10 AM  
Sunday 8 AM 10 AM  

To check-in, all dealers must be ready to present one of the following items:

  • District of Columbia Trader’s License or
  • Exhibitor’s Affidavit

You will not be allowed to setup unless you have one of the above forms. Please bring two copies of the document (original and photocopy). Otakon will collect one at check in and the other will be displayed in your booth. Please note that we will not have the ability to make copies at the check-in booth so please have the copies made before hand.

You will receive the following items during check-in:

  • Membership badge
  • Dealer identification tag

For dealers arriving with vehicles:

  • Dealers with passenger cars, minivans, pickups (up to fullsize) w/ trailers
  • Use the entrance to the docks on M Street
  • At check-in you will receive directions with your booth number.
  • Once you enter the docks, you will be given directions on where to go.
  • You will be provided with wooden pallets to load your items onto (see packing information in your dealer packet) and a Teamster will move your pallet to your booth.

For dealers who pre-shipped their merchandise:

  • Once checked in, please proceed to the Dealers Hall.
  • Your freight should have been delivered to your booth by the time you arrive. If for any reason your freight is not in your designated booth, please come to the Otakon info booth so we can check with Hargrove and locate your freight.

Please contact the dealer coordinator should you have any questions or concerns. We’ll see everyone there!