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Welcome to Otakon
August 12 - August 14, 2016
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • August 25, 2016
    Reserve your hotel rooms for Otakon 2017!
  • August 14, 2016
    Otakon 2016 has come to a close, and now Otakon 2017 would like to welcome Vic Mignogna!
  • August 11, 2016
    YOSHIKI is very sorry to announce his personal appearance at OTAKON has been canceled due to a last minute production commitment. He will hold a LIVE Q&A from the recording studio via Skype. Panel time and giveaways remain the same.
  • August 10, 2016
    Online registration has closed, but memberships will be available all weekend at the door!
  • August 10, 2016
    Final Reminder: Online Registration closes at 10:00PM EDT on Wednesday, August 10th!
  • August 9, 2016
    Otakon 2016 Guest Updates: Due to a medical issue, Jiro Ishii is unable to attend. Everyone here at Otakon wishes him a speedy recovery. Also, Masao Maruyama will be unable to attend due to last minute production commitments. While this is disappointing to everyone, guest appearances are always at risk to unanticipated conflicts. Please check schedules as they may have changed (or may be in the process of being updated).
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Otakon 2016 is over!

Come join us for our 24th year, August 11-13, 2017 in Washington DC!

That's right, we are moving locations for 2017 and rolling out under!

-- To the members --

From all of us on Otakon Staff, thank you for choosing to be a part of the experience. Otakon only is what it is due to the participation of each and every one of you.

Through the good and bad experiences, to the old friends we see again, and new friends we've made, thank you for being a part of the 23rd Otakon!

August 12-14, 2016