Q: Why is it a separate cost?

A: While Otakorp, Inc. is a nonprofit, the companies that we work with are not.  It is quite expensive to put on a show of this caliber, and the artists and crew need to be paid, as well as flown in from Japan, fed, and housed.  

Working with Anisong World Matsuri gives us the ability to put on a better show for the fans than we could afford on our own. The trade-off is that some of those costs will be passed along to the people who see the concert, rather than being entirely paid for by the membership fee. 

Q: Can I buy my friends concert passes too so that we can all sit together?

A: Absolutely.  Seats are assigned at the time of purchase.
There is a limit of 10 passes in a single transaction for the general seating, 4 VIP passes in a single transaction, or 2 accessible seating passes in a single transaction.

Q: Does this mean there will be no normal Saturday and Sunday concert?

A: For about 10 years, Otakon has had concerts on Friday and Sunday; our Sunday concert (to be announced) will remain open to all members and will not require an extra fee.

Q: Is this the same thing as the Thursday Matsuri? (Alternatively, is this replacing the Thursday Matsuri?)

A: No, and no.  Anisong World Matsuri is an established event which Otakon is hosting and partly sponsoring. 

The Thursday Otakon Matsuri is taking a break this year for several reasons tied primarily to our move to DC, including lack of an appropriate venue.  But don't fear, we're planning on having some of that Matsuri content during the weekend!  Read more info about the Otakon Matsuri here..

Q: Will there be concert passes for sale at con?

A: Assuming we don’t sell out completely in advance, then yes.

Q: Where do I get concert passes?

A: You’ll purchase the passes through ShowClix, a company that specializes in event sales. They’ll send you an electronic version of your pass, which you can show using your phone or tablet, or print out if you like.

Q: Is there a deadline for me to buy concert passes?

A: Like any other show with limited seats, the deadline is “whenever we run out of seats”.

Q: How many of each concert pass type is there?

A: There are approximately 2500 regular seats and about 300 VIP seats.

Q: What​ is the difference between a VIP and a regular concert pass?

A: VIP passes give you premium seating, a signed poster, a limited edition pass, and the chance to do a “high touch” (high five) with the bands after the show -- fairly standard offerings for AWM.  Premium passes offer a way for us to keep the cost down for most people who see the show, while ensuring that those willing to pay extra get something valuable for their money.  

Q: Will any of the performers be available for autographs?

A: Yes; look for both panels and autographs information a little closer to the convention as our schedule comes together.  

Q: Are the concert passes refundable or transferrable?

A: They are NOT refundable; they ARE transferrable.  

However, we will act to prevent scalping -- if you’re caught buying or selling concert passes at a markup, you forfeit both your concert pass AND your badge.  

Q: Why do I need to buy an Otakon badge and a concert pass?

A: Your Otakon badge gets you into the convention center.  Your concert pass gets you a seat during the concert. 

Limiting the concert to our members is another way we keep the costs down and provide a benefit to our members.

Q: Will there be any more performers announced?

A: We won’t rule out surprises, but this is it for the headline acts. 

Q: Will ANY kind of Otakon badge allow me in? 

A: Yes, all our badges, including child, industry, dealer, staff badges, etc. will work just fine.

Q: Can I change my seats after I have purchased them?

A: Seats at the same price level may be exchanged for one another within the same concert. Additionally you may upgrade to a VIP seat within the same concert. You may not downgrade from a VIP seat to a standard seat. Please contact Showclix at (https://www.showclix.com/contact) or 1-888-718-4253 opt. 1 to request a change. 

Q: Can I purchase a concert pass before I register for Otakon?

A: The order you purchase doesn’t matter, but you will need both your Otakon membership badge and a concert pass to see the show.