Workshops List

Below is a preliminary list of the approved panels for Otakon 2017.  18+ panels are in red.

The online schedule will be available soon, as will the Guidebook app.  The online schedule and Guidebook will have full descriptions as well as dates, times and locations.

J-Pop Dance Party: Love and Joy!

3  2  1  Pose!

Anime YouTube! How to Make Your Show Stand Out!

Build-a-BJD: A Hands-on Introduction to Ball-Joint-Dolls

Build-a-Bozu Workshop!

Cardboard and Duct Tape: Cosplay on a Budget

Come play with Sanrio Characters

Cosplay Components: Material Know-How

Cosplay for Dark Skinned Friends: But also for everyone too<3

Dressforms for Dummies

Edo Tsumami Kanzashi workshop: Kiku (Chrysanthemum)

Edo Tsumami Kanzashi workshop: Ume (Plum blossom)

Embroidery and You!

Getting Real About Fantasy Writing

Getting Started with Fuse Beads

Haikyuu!!: How to Volleyball

Hand Stitching and You!

HARU Kpop Dance Workshop

Hentai Dubbing 18 +

Hidden Leaf Shinobi Yoga

How to Draw Bishounen

How to Frankenstein A Pattern for Cosplay

Improving your convention photography

Japanese Tea and You

Kamishibai and the Art of Storytelling

Kids Pokemon Yoga

Kimono Fun!

Knitting in Japan

Kumihimo Braiding Workshop

Let's Get Sexy  Kpop Style!

Love Live Dance Workshop ~ Aqours Step ZERO to One!

Make a Geeky Pattern weight! Sewing basics for the beginner

Make An Origami Samurai Helmet

MiGuo Presents: Current Kpop

Oh my gore! 18 +

Panelist Bootcamp

Pepakura: The Art of Papercraft

Polymer clay jewelry 101 for cosplay or every day

Role-Play Live the Improv (RP Live )- The Original

Role-Play Live the Improv (RP Live) - Uncensored Edition 18 +

Self-dressing Kimono Workshop

Sewing Cosplay 101

Shall we dance?

Shoestring Scientists present: Make Your Own Manga Wall Art

Shoestring Scientists Presents: Build Your Own Pokeball Habitat

Shoestring Scientists presents: Build Your Own Steampunk Ray Gun

Slippery when wet 18 +

The Art of Table Talk - The World of Japanese and Japan-inspired TTRPGs

The Physics of Cosplay: Tips and tricks for solving physics defying cosplay problems

Translating Anime into Traditional Art

unite presents: Wotagei 101

Westernizing Japan: Kimono in the Meiji Era

Writing Renga and More 18 +