Workshops List

Below is a preliminary list of the approved workshops for Otakon 2018.  18+ panels are in red.

The online schedule will be available soon, as will the Guidebook app.  The online schedule and Guidebook will have full descriptions as well as dates, times and locations.

This may not be a complete list of all workshops offered over the weekend.  For the most up to date list you can view the online schedule here or use the Guidebook app which can be found here.

Advising an Anime Club: Getting Cross-Curricular [F]
Role-Play Live the Improv - Uncensored Edition [F] [18+]
Maid for You - The Art of Table Talk & Japanese TTRPGs [F]
Starting the Day Right (Morning Workout) [F]
Behold The Mold: An Interactive Demo for Cosplayers on a Variety of Silicone Mold Making Techniques [F]
Thou Art I: An Introduction to Drawing Characters from the Persona Series [F]
Getting Real About Fantasy Writing - Episode VI [F]
Japanese Sword Basics [M]
Jodo - Traditional Japanese Staff Art [M]
Japanese Fencing aka Kendo [M]
Tae Kwon Dance Workshop [M]
K-Beauty Makeover 101 [M]
K-Variety Games [M][C]
Cosplay Positivity [M]
Introduction to Worbla! [G]
Amigurumi Basics: Pusheen Tutorial [F]
Edo Tsumami Kanzashi Workshop: Ume (Plum Blossom) [G]
Edo Tsumami Kanzashi Workshop: Kiku (Chrysanthemum) [G]
Self-Dressing Kimono Workshop [G]
Shoestring Scientists Present: Make Your Own Lolita Cosplay Hat [F+]
Kpop: Dance Tutorial + Random Dance Play [F]
Your Makeup Is TERRIBLE! - Makeup & Skincare 101 [F]
Shoestring Scientists Present: Build a Pokeball Habitat! [F+]
D.I.Y. Zines [F]
Improv and Acting for Geeks [F]
Paper Cute: Adorable and Practical Origami for Beginners [F]
Yaoi Card Games [F] [18+]
Love Live! Dance Workshop ~ Aqours Happy Party Train! [F]
Kumihimo Braiding Workshop: The Art of Japanese Braided Cords with a Brief History: Round Braid [F]
Dressforms for Dummies [F]
Let's Dance (Tutorial) [F]
Shoestring Scientists Present: Build Your Own Automail Arm [F+]
Chibi Corner Crafts! [K]
Create Your Own Cosplay Ears [F]
Put the "Play" Back in Cosplay - Get Into Character! [F]
How to Make Better Manga [F]
Japanese Language from Anime [F]
Shoestring Scientists Present: Make and Take Steampunk Ray Gun [F+]
How to Frankenstein a Pattern for Cosplay [F]
Let's Get Sexy Kpop Style! [F]
Awkward Dance Moves [F]
The Divine Move: Introduction to the Game of Go [F]
Hidden Leaf Shinobi Yoga [F]
Kids Pokemon Yoga [K]
Current Trends in Kpop [F]
Drawing Robots: A Workshop and Love Story [F]
Pepakura: The Art of Papercraft [F]
Youtube for Anime Fans [F]
Wotagei 102 [F]
Realistic Fighting Poses for Cosplay [F]
Writing Renga and More [F]
WigginÕ Out?!?! [F]
Getting Started with Fuse Beads [F]
Haikyuu!!: How to Volleyball [F]