Featured Workshop Presenters

Bumble and Clove

Bumble & Clove, currently comprised of married nerds Angela and Jeffrey Lee, have years of experience attending conventions and hosting workshops along the Northeast, as well as a deep-seated, ongoing interest in Japanese culture. With extensive backgrounds in teaching and tutoring, they found their calling as workshop presenters in 2012 and have presented for Otakon since 2014, wanting simply to give back to the conventions they love by providing memorable experiences and unleashing the inventive spirit that drives so many fellow attendees. Best known for their popular "Build-a-Bozu Workshop!" and their passion for process art, they are returning to Otakon this year with a brand new venture: the Otakon Makerspace, a weekend-long space where people of all ages can enjoy and celebrate the process of creating art in a comfortable environment using various recycled and repurposed materials! Bumble & Clove believe that anyone can create and hope you'll join them in their hive for some fun, open-ended projects!


Shoestring Scientists

Made up of a loose collective of builders, cosplayers, creatives, and educators of all types, Shoestring Scientists is excited to return to Otakon for 2018! First debuting in 2012, the group has returned to Otakon every year since with new and inventive workshops and panels. For 2018, they are bringing back some old favorite workshops (like Build Your Own Steampunk Ray Gun) and new cosplay build sessions (like Build An Automail Arm), as well as helping to push the envelope of what an Otakon attendee experience can be through their first-ever Walk-Up Crafting Booth.