Jez Roth's Project Cosplay


Three lead designers are chosen from the crowd. They will choose two people from the audience to help them, forming three teams of three. Each team is assigned a model and a surprise theme is given. They will have one hour to put together a cosplay from scratch. Sewing machines, fabric, thread, and notions are all available.

At the end of the assignment, models will show off their outfits. But the moment of truth: Saturday night, at the masquerade, they will walk the main stage before the competition and show off the outfits! The winning team will be declared and will receive free passes to next year’s Otakon. All three teams will have their designs showcased by Otakon the following year.


  • All patterning, sewing, and construction must be completed within the hour by each independent team.
  • Models cannot aid in construction, but can do their own makeup, shoes, and undergarments.
  • Teams can trade fabrics and materials.
  • Teams will have 10 minutes to sketch and plan their design afterbeing given their mystery theme.
  • Designs are judged on several different factors including adherence to theme, cleanliness and quality of construction, and originality.
  • During the sewing process, models and designers will be introduced to the audience in an effort to get to know them better. The audience wants to know the amazing personalities and talent behind the garment!
  • Wigs may be available for the final look on the main stage, Saturday night.
  • In the event of a machine malfunction, time may be extended for an even “playing field.”
  • Entrants can be competing in Masquerade but models may not be in the Masquerade as it is a time conflict.
  • Design teams may only use what is provided by the competition. No outside fabric or notions.
  • All decisions by the judges and coordinator are final.