Featured Panelists

Charles Dunbar


I've heard it said from others that Otakon represents a major node in the zeitgeist of East Coast fandom. I've also heard (and used) the line that "all roads lead to Otakon." In all respects, these assertions are true. This will be my 10th Otakon, and while that might not be much given the 24+ years that the con has existed, the fact that I have had the chance to experience ten straight years of growth, memories, events, encounters, and people puts a lot into perspective. Otakon really is THE event when it comes to fandom on this coast. It's one of those conventions that encapsulates everything that it means to be a fan. And I'm glad, and honored, to have shared that for the past ten cons. Whether it be asking for help with my fieldwork in 2009, or shouting information at people from 2012 onward, it has been my deepest privilege to have shared a fandom space with all of you. Also, I changed my Twitter handle last November to @TenguTalks, in case you missed the tweets. Facebook.com/StudyofAnime is as normal.