Otakon Matsuri Cultural Celebration

We are pleased to announce that the Otakon Matsuri will be returnign as a cultural track all weekend long.

We heard the feedback that everyone gave to us last year and worked really hard this year to meet it. We have great music guest lined up and awesome cultural celebrations that we know you all love to see!

In keeping with tradition here are some of the things we have in store this year:

  • Concerts
  • Martial Arts Classes/Demonstrations
  • Cultural Performances
  • Workshops/Panels
  • K Pop Culture/Games

Keep an eye on this space as we will begin announcing things very shortly.  We can't wait to see you there!

Cosplay Guests


Phil Mizuno

Phil Mizuno is a Canadian cosplayer who followed his heart, and is pursuing his passion to empower others through nurturing and creativity.  He has been cosplaying for 3 years, and currently lives and creates his costumes in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

Phil has been able to share his cosplay with people from all over the world.  With a large following on his social media platforms, he is able to influence others from all corners of the Earth.  With his warming charisma and charm, he wants to help others become more comfortable with cosplay, and themselves.

Throughout 2016 to 2017, he has had the privilege of being a cosplay guest at conventions in Canada, United States, Asia, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. He has international WCS/Yamato Cup experience, MC experience, and loves to hold panels about cosplay positivity.

Phil’s ultimate goal for cosplay is to be able to inspire, and support others to make them experience the same feeings he had (and still has) when he first started cosplay.

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Pixelpantz has been cosplaying and attending conventions since early 2009. 

In recent years, she’s been working at perfecting her prop and armor crafting skills, and as a result has gained both national and international attention. 

She attends large and small conventions all over the U.S. to display her newest creations. 

Known for her intricate armors, she constantly aims to make armor and props more approachable for every cosplayer by posting online tutorials and running informative technique panels. 

She hopes to use her influence to spread positivity and creativity in the community by teaching and supporting as many people as she can.

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Music Guests

NPC Michael Rayes.jpg

The NPC Collective

The NPC ("Nerdy People of Color") Collective was founded in 2013, when indie "chip-hop"/Nerdcore emcee Mega Ran brought together various, upwardly mobile entertainers for the unified vision of bringing more representation to underrepresented/marginalized nerds. "Much like [a video game] NPC [non-player character]," Mega Ran explains, "people of color who desire to create music or art or think differently than their counterparts often are discouraged, and forced to keep those thoughts and ideas to themselves, and to play the background."

Today, the NPC Collective includes rappers, producers, designers, educators, students, athletes, and even a WWE superstar amongst the ranks. Since the founding of the collective, NPCC members have generated acclaim nationally and internationally, main-staging major video game conventions such as PAX and MAGfest, touring Europe and Asia, releasing Billboard charting albums, and consistently encouraging more gamers and otaku from urban spaces to participate in Con culture.

Kadesh Flow, a member of the NPC Collective, to Otakon! Ryan "Kadesh Flow" Davis brings realism, consciousness and otaku thoughts together in riveting flow format. He has composed original music for Toonami Asia and for FUNimation backed documentaries such as "The One Piece Podcast Goes to Japan", performed live at the Cannes Film Festival, shared the stage with the likes of Tech N9ne, Mac Lethal, Caroline Shines, The Revivalists, B.o.B., and others. He has been publicly lauded by outlets such IGN and Kotaku, and his music has been featured on network television in multiple countries and territories across Southeast Asia. As a rapper, trombonist, and producer, Kadesh has been wowing both suspecting and unsuspecting listeners with his musical versatility since his early teens. At age 11, 'Desh, as many of his listeners call him, began rapping and playing trombone within two weeks of one another. Now, the young emcee actively blends his jazz and hip hop backgrounds into body bouncing and head bobbing tracks that range from crunk to sultry, from melodic to face-melting.

Kadesh's wide reaching and relatable content consistently wins over harsh hip hop critics with his lyrical dexterity, drawing from multiple influences, including his collegiate experience, socio-cultural musings, spirituality, and anime and video game related passions. He has collaborated with the likes of Steve Blum (the voice of T.O.M.), Chris Sabat (voice of Vegeta and many others) and indie/ gamer hip hop staples such as Mega Ran and Richie Branson. Currently he is lighting up stages around the country, gracing such events as Official SXSW Showcases, MAGFest, PAX, FanExpo: Dallas, Anime Expo, Otakon & Boulevardia, as well as numerous music venues and festivals throughout the country.

EyeQ is a indie hip-hop artist, visionary, and emcee whose musical sights are set on merging his wide assortment of musical influences and loves into one powerhouse performance. Raised in Brooklyn, NY and now a nationally touring emcee based in Florida. EyeQ has shared the stage with numerous touring acts from all around the country. His "Attack on Titan" themed album Titled "Walls of Maria" was endorsed by Funimation along with the makers of the "Attack on Titan" anime.

Never to be classified by one specific type of music, my music is rooted in many things. It encompasses nerdcore because of my love for animation and video games, comic books and everything within our culture. It encompasses soul music, world, classical and the golden age of jazz music because of my influences abroad. “ Being from Brooklyn I have a strong foundation and connection to hip hop and music in its many forms. I feel like the creativity of music is limitless, and without bounds I hope to explore all the possibilities throughout my musical journey. I make music from the heart and I have always been attracted to music that makes me feel the passion and love for life and freedom of expression through music. “ - EyeQ

EyeQ, previous Co founder of the Nerdcore Super Hip-Hop group 'RPG-Unit' was featured on the front page of Kotaku, Bandcamp, and also gained the acclaim of Randy Pictford and Gearbox for their debut album Rock Paper Genocide.

EyeQ has performed at events such as Nerdapoalooza, AFO, Florida Music Festival, PAX, SXSW, Magfest, Anime Expo, and Otakan. He was also twice nominated by the Orlando Weekly for Orlando Best Hip Hop Artist of The Year Award in 2015 and 2017. EyeQ has been influenced by greats like Stevie Wonder and Anita Baker, as well as acts like Lupe Fiasco, Jam Project, Hiroyuki Sawano. He has also been inspired by the golden age of Jazz and old school hip-hop. With each project, he combines his various loves - anime, video games, soul music, classical, and jazz to influence the outcome of his music. His Brooklyn roots shine through on the radio and live as he exudes an energy and passion in his music that leaves a lasting impression on his audience.

By day, he’s business process engineer Emmanuel Aouad. When the corporate grind releases him, he is the suave master of the eighty-eighty corny pickup lines: Creative Mind Frame (1-UP). An alumnus of Wabash College, Emmanuel studied economics with a minor in music. He puts this education to great use when he brings joy, jokes, and fun to any show he rocks – and with his friends in the NPC Collective he does plenty of rocking. No stranger to hanging at the conventions, Creative Mind Frame has performed from coast to coast at Comic Cons in several different cities and also festivals such as Otakon, MAGFest , PAX, SXSW, Nerdapalooza / Orlando Nerdfest and is now returning for his 5th straight Classic Game Fest! One thing you can always count on stems from what he’s probably known best for being is his jovial and free spirited nature. That paired with his unique mixture of video game references and samples, jazz, hip hop and academia, Creative Mind Frame is going to get you moving, laughing and having a great time!

Leron Gray (aka Ohm-I) was born in Brooklyn, NY on December 20, 1989. He started rapping in high school under the name MC Urkel and at the time didn’t realize that he unintentionally became part of a bigger nerdcore movement. After joining the Navy in 2008, Leron wrote a few more Navy related songs under the name “MC Urkel” until he realized that there were other nerdcore artists out there just like him. After writing one of his earliest songs “Analog Components” in 2010, in which one of the lines says “Fools can come at me like current with much persistence/But watch their voltage drop when they come across this resistance”, Leron changed his name to MC Ohm-I which was definitely more appropriate and original. In 2015, he dropped the "MC" out of his name because he was not only rapping, but singing and producing as well.

East Coast Kpop Outlet


East Coast Kpop Outlet (ECKO, pronounced like "echo") is an independent community dedicated to K-pop and Korean culture. ​​​​​​

As co-founder and head admin of the East Coast K-pop Outlet (ECKO), Samantha loves bringing people and their passions together. She started ECKO over four years ago in hopes of connecting the New York City K-pop concert goers together and has been thrilled to watch the group expand beyond the east coast to include fans all over the country (and world!). When she's not crying about her favorite groups or talking about the socio-economics of the genre, she loves exploring the world of Japanese pop/rock music, writing and photographing for K-soul Magazine and dancing. 

Katrina Lobaton is a long time international pop fan and an admin for the East Coast K-Pop Outlet (ECKO), a community uniting Korean and Asian pop culture fans and content creators all over the east coast and nationally. With a passion for community building and media, she has been helping ECKO connecting fans online and in real life for the past three years. She loves to share the joy she finds in idols and pop culture in every way she can, including event planning and event photography. Katrina has been a photo contributor for K-Pop events on both coasts to media outlets such as K-Soul and Kultscene.

Ting Ting is the head of Operations and Logistics for ECKO, meaning she attempts to figures out what is the most practical and efficient way to do something – which sometimes involves saying no when she really wants to say yes to everything. Outside of ECKO, Ting Ting is putting her soul up for sale by become a lawyer. She was much cooler prior to law school when she worked on developing original content for children’s cable network. Her personal interests include figuring out how to facilitate the flow of entertainment media and soft power across borders (especially in East Asia), watching K-dramas, and building miniature models.