Maid Cafe Application

Otakon is looking for cheerful, outgoing people to perform as Maids and Butlers in the Otakon Maid Cafe! We are planning on opening our doors Friday through Sunday, July 31st - August 2nd, and we're looking for just the right team to pamper our visitors. Interested in joining us? We will be accepting applications until May 22nd, 2020!

Potential applicants for the Otakon Maid Café Performance Team should:

  • Be 18+ as of the start of Maid and Butler Boot Camp, July 30th
  • Be willing and able to provide your own uniform, in accordance to the cafe's dress code by July 15th
  • Be willing and able to attend regular online classes
  • Be willing to commit to at least three 4-hour shifts over the course of the weekend
  • Be willing to commit to Maid and Butler Boot Camp, Thursday July 30th at noon.
  • Be willing and able to learn and perform any routines assigned

If you meet these requirements and love performing in front of people, fill out the application below!

Please note: links to Facebook albums will not be acceptable for picture submissions. Please submit a link to specific image files (jpg, gif, etc.) for your photos.

Must be 18+ as of July 30st
Can be found on your Otakon registration