Otakon Idol Programming Application

This is the programming application for the various Idol events at Otakon 2022. Please read each of the descriptions to make sure you are applying for the best event for your act!

The ANIBeat Idol Festival is our main idol festival for experienced performers. This is ideal for idol acts who perform as themselves or as their own original persona. Each act will be given around 12 minutes to perform during the festival.

The "Now Presenting!" Idol Festival is our new idol festival for idols who are making their debut, or have had little stage experience and are looking for more. Each act will have between 10 and 15 minutes to perform during the festival, but are welcome to perform as little as one song.

The ANIBeat Idol Stage is a place for independent idols, cosplay idols, and dance groups to perform their own full set for an audience. Each act will have the option of a 30  minute or 60 minute performance block. Each act will be in charge of their own music and set up. 

If you are accepted for either of the two festivals, you will be contacted to provide your song selections for your act as well as a promo image. You will also be expected to provide music files for your act at a later date.

If you are accepted for The ANIBeat Idol Stage, you will be contacted to provide a Title for your performance to appear on the schedule as. You will be expected to bring your own music to the convention, and have a helper play your music during your block.