Lolita Garden

Lolita is a popular fashion substyle which started in Japan heavily influenced by Victorian, Edwardian and Rococo eras. Essential elements of a lolita outfit are one pieces, jumper skirts, blouses, lace, frills, ribbons and a fine attention to detail.  The Lolita lifestyle doesn’t stop at fashion and there are many activities they partake in. Otakon now has a place for these long admired fashion lovers.

The Lolita Garden is where Lolitas and fashionistas can come relax, socialize and have fun. Lolita Garden attendees can look forward to card games, Lolita photo shoots and solo concertos. Members can also look forward to the Lolita Swap Meet where you bring your lolita items and swap them for other items. No items are to be purchased or sold. Only swapped.  At night, we will be playing the ever popular Lolita Bingo where you can try your luck and have a chance to win a prize!

The Lolita Fashion Show

We are also thrilled to announce the return of The Lolita Fashion Show! The Lolita Fashion Show showcases boutique designer made Lolita clothes modeled in different styles on the runway. We are looking for models and makeup artists for the fashion show!

Model Requirements

Models are expected to have a currernt Otakorp membership.

Models MUST be available for rehearsal, styling and the show. Models will be emailed detailed times and locations for rehearsal, show and dressing room.

Models are expected to provide:

  • Hosiery(socks,tights, pantyhose)
  • Shoes
  • Camisoles
  • Blouses
  • Wigs
  • Eyeliner and Mascara

It is preferred that models either bring in their foundation or arrive with their base makeup done.

Fashion Show Model Application

Apply to be a model for the Lolita Fashion Show

Stylist Requirements

Stylist must have a current Otakorp membership.

Stylists MUST be available for rehearsal, styling and the show. Stylists will be emailed detailed times and locations for rehearsal, show and dressing room.

Stylists are expected to bring product and tools.

Fashion Show Stylist Application

Apply to be a Stylist for the Lolita Fashion Show

Lolita Garden F.A.Q.

Q: What is the Lolita Garden? Is it only open for a couple of hours?

A; The Lolita Garden is a lovely decorated room where Lolitas can gather together and have fun. The Garden will be open all through Otakon weekend and you can stop by anytime from 10AM-10PM, Friday and Saturday and from 10AM-2PM on Sunday.

Q: What are the hours of the Lolita Garden?

A: Friday and Saturday the hours are from 10AM to 10PM. Sunday is 10AM-2PM.

Q: I’m not a lolita. Am I still allowed to come visit?

A: Absolutely! All Otakon members are welcome to the Lolita Garden.

Q: Will you be serving food or beverages?

A: No. Crabby had quite the midnight snack. After catching him red clawed, Crabby told us that our friends in the Maid Cafe had some tea.  We encourage you to visit them.

Q: Can you expand on the card games?

A: We will have multiple types of card games to appeal to many people from lolita groups to our more shy members. Card games be held from 1-2 hours depending on session. Members will have a 2 minute wrap up call before cards are collected at the end of a session. Gambling is not allowed.

Q: Are the Lolita photoshoots free of charge?

A: Yes, our photos are free of charge and they will be sent digitally to you after con via email.

Q: Are the photoshoots only for lolitas?

A: Yes. The lighting and backdrops are specifically catered to the lolitas. However, we encourage you to visit the Photosuite if you want to get fantastic photos of your cosplay.

Q: What is the Lolita Swap Meet?

A: Lolita fashion can be get pricey so it’s a big thing for lolitas to swap different items. Only lolita items can be swapped at our swap meets and everything is free. Nothing will be bought or sold.

Q:  Is there really going to be Lolita Bingo?

A: Yes, there is. Otakon members can win prizes. We even wrangled the cheesiest of hosts for you, our lovely members. Come to the garden and try your luck!


All members are welcome to attend. Stop by, interact with fellow members and of course have fun! Stay tuned to this page for updates as we get closer to Otakon!

All rules of Otakon, The Marriott Marquis, The Walter E. Washington Convention Center and Washington D.C. apply in the Lolita Garden.

No sales may take place in the Lolita Garden.