We welcome everyone to come see the long-standing staple of anime conventions: the Masquerade! For those interested in seeing what it's all about, it's easy: come to the Masquerade on Saturday night, find a seat, and watch a great show by fans, for fans.

We welcome participants, too! After all, it is by fans, for fans. Interested in performing? Keep reading!

The Masquerade is designed for costumers who wish to perform a short skit on stage, or whose costume would be best presented in an on-stage format. For costumers who wish to have their costume judged but do not want to perform a skit (i.e. a walk-on entry), we recommend entering the Hall Costume Contest.

Cosplay Coordination

Otakon wants to ensure that members have the best chance to express themselves and have the best time all around. The Otakon Cosplay Coordination department is back to help facilitate and promote cosplay photoshoots at 4 new locations at the WEWCC: Main Entrance Stairs, Hall E Entrance, 3rd Floor Southwest, & 9th Street Atrium.

In the past, there have been many unofficial photoshoots, which has led to the occasional conflict of time and/or location. With OCC helping the cosplay community at Otakon, we will be able to resolve problems that may occur.

Lip Sync For Your Cosplay

By popular request, Otakon is excited to once again be hosting Jez Roth's Lip Sync for Your Cosplay!

Do you get your life from performing? That rush of getting onstage and being fierce? Then you'd better WERK! Lip Sync for Your Cosplay is the high-energy, heads-up Lip Sync competition where you show us what you're made of!

For each round, a different song will be announced. From a show of hands, two people are randomly picked from the audience to battle against each other in a two minute competition. They each share the stage and once the music starts they lip sync, dance, perform, and SERVE the audience in a battle of performance, each fighting to keep the attention on them.

Hall Costume Contest

Hello and welcome to the Hall Costume Contest!

The Hall Costume Contest is a contest that deals specifically with the quality and workmanship of the costume itself. There is no performance element - it is a quiet scheduled judging session where you speak to the judges and tell them about the details of your work.

Awards are presented following the Masquerade Saturday Night and you will also have the option of showing off your costume in a catwalk onstage. Please note that you cannot compete with the same costume in both contests.

Registration starts July 1st!  Please read through the rules thoroughly and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send in an inquiry!

Photo Suite

Join us for the very best in cosplay photography by professional photographers who know just what a cosplayer needs. Immortalize your costume by submitting your image to the Otakon archives for free and go down in Otakon history! You can also purchase prints or digital copies from your photoshoot.

Stop by the Photo Suite in Salon ABC on Level 1 in the Grand Lobby for more details.

Otakorp would like to thank our 2019 Sponsors!

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