Otakon 2021 Membership Rollover or Refund Request

Since we understand that not everyone will be able to join us this year, we are providing an opportunity for folks to roll their  2021 memberships over to Otakon 2022. To request a rollover please use our contact us form and select "Otakon 2021 Rollover Questions" in the topic field. Provided your badge is not used for Otakon 2021, later this fall you will receive an email with registration coupon codes that will allow you to register the same number of badges for Otakon 2022 at no cost.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept refund requests for Otakon 2021.

Questions?  Please make sure you've read our FAQs.

If you choose to roll your badge over to 2022, you will not be registered for Otakon 2021

What happens to my hotel reservation?

You will need to take care of canceling your hotel reservation on your own. If you have booked though our official housing provider, Martiz, you can contact them at: 

If you did not use our housing provider, you will need to contact the hotel directly.  Please consider using Martiz for our 2022 convention. Booking through our room block is one of the best ways you can help support us.