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July 24 - July 26, 2015
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Vitals: Is It Open?

Otakon 2015 Status Page

This page lists the status of applications and forms for Otakon 2015 which will be available at
For convention operating hours, see the Hours of Operation page

Registration (Online Member Registration)
Cap of 35,000

Advertising Opportunities
Opening: TBD

Anime Music Video Submission
Opening: TBD

Artist Alley Table Application
Sorry. Closed 1/29/15

Art Show Forms
Opening: TBD

Cosplay Coordination
Opening: TBD

Dealers Hall Booth Application
Sorry. Closed 2/16/15

DJ Application
Open through 5/1/15

Fan Produced Videos
Open through 6/21/15

Gofer Registration
Open: 175 Gofers or Through 7/6/15

Hall Costume Contest Registration
Opening: TBD

LARP (Live Action Role Play) Registration
Open through 4/30/2015 (or at the convention)

Live Programming (Panelist & Workshop) Application
Open through: 4/30/15

Masquerade Registration
Opening: TBD

Maid Cafe Performer Applications
Open through 4/21/2015

Press & Industry Registration
Open: Through 6/25/14

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