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August 12 - August 14, 2016
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Vitals: Registration

Otakon 2015 online-registration is closed!

However, there are still memberships available for Otakon 2015, and we will be making those available at the con!

At-con registration will be available all three days of the convention until we hit the cap of 35,000. The price of a membership is $100 if purchased at the convention. A membership allows you to attend all convention functions from the time of purchase till the end of the convention.

The forms of payment we will accept for at-con registration include cash, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only), money orders, and travelers checks. Please be aware that we will NOT be accepting personal checks for at-con registration

Before you jump into registration...


Some of the details have changed from previous years.

  • We are continuing the attendance cap of 35,000 people this year. We don't like to limit our attendees, but we've reached the capacity of our current facilities.

  • Online registration will close at 8:00:00 AM EDT on Thursday, July 23rd.
  • We are raising our rates this year. An explanation has been posted on the Registration Updates page. Although the rates will go up, we have also implemented a new $5 discount to everyone who renews an online membership from a prior year.
  • Like last year we will be offering a discounted rate to the first 10,000 registrants. We will be providing updates on how many discounted memberships we have remaining via our website and official social media outlets. As part of this process, online registration will temporarily shut down when the 10,000th registration has been completed. This will give us time to verify the first 10,000 registrations. Following the verification process we will reopen online registration for the remaining 25,000 memberships.

  • If we reach 35,000 registered members, we will close our online registration and not offer at-the-door registration. As we get close to this total we will provide updates via our website and official social media outlets.

  • New Otakon 2015 if you live in the continental United States you will be able to have your badge mailed to you for a fee. This option will be open only to the first 10,000 registrants who select that it, and will only be offered through the end of April. If all goes well, we plan to expand the option next year.
    For $10, your individual badge will be mailed to your US mailing address via United States Postal Service. (Sorry, we can't mail to Alaska, Hawaii, other US territories, or other Countries.) It will come with tracking, and a signature will be required by the postal carrier. If you are purchasing additional memberships going to the same address, the additional badges can be added to the package for $4 each, up to a maximum of 5 badges per package.
    If for some reason you need to change your badge mailing option after paying, you may be charged an additional fee per badge to implement the change.

  • Registration is only available for the entire convention weekend. There are no day passes.

  • Our membership rates for 2015 are:

    • For the first 10,000 online registrants:
      • $80 for those who renew a previous online-registration
      • $85 for those who are registering as new members
    • For the remaining online registrants up to 25,000:
      • $90 for those who renew a previous online-registration
      • $95 for those who are registering as new members
    • For at door registrations until our cap of 35,000 has been reached:
      • $100 for those who are new or renewing

  • Children 8 and under are admitted free to Otakon when accompanied by a parent/guardian. If you are bringing someone who is 8 or younger, you do not need to fill out the registration form for them. Simply bring them with you to the registration counter when you arrive at the convention, and free Child badges will be provided.

  • A parent or guardian must accompany any and all children under the age of 12 at all times.

    Children are required to carry some form of written identification and parent/guardian contact information with them at all times so that Otakon staff may contact the parents or guardians should the need arise.

  • We do not offer group rates or group discounts.

  • Full instructions for the secure online registration system are available on the first page of the registration process. You must agree to certain terms and conditions to complete registration.

  • Please keep in mind that Memberships and Otakon Registrations are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • If you pre-registered in a previous year, you should renew your membership rather than create a new one. It will save you time and allow us to keep our records in good shape. If you don't remember your member ID or password, follow the directions on the login recovery page to have it sent to you.

  • If you are a new member, or have only registered at the door in previous years, you may create a new member account by clicking the 'Add New Registrant' button on the first section of our registration site.

  • We no longer accept mail-in registration payments. If for some reason your situation requires that you pay by means other than credit/debit card please contact our registration team so that we may work with you

  • If you lose your registration email with the barcode, you can view it online and reprint it at any time by logging into our Members Only section. You may log in using your member ID or the email address you provided when you registered. If you don't remember your member ID or password, follow the directions on the login recovery page to have it sent to you.

  • If you have any questions about the registration process or are having a problem with our registration system or your registration payment, please contact us through the Otakon Interactive Help page. We have a team dedicated to answering everything from the most general to more complex questions.

  • If you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to get around the convention, you can let us know about it in advance by selecting the 'special needs' box on the registration form. When you arrive at the convention center to pick up your badge, go directly to the Special Needs booth in the registration lobby to check in and obtain a badge ribbon as well as information on how to get around.

  • Debit card users: A hold may be placed on your card for the total amount you intend to pay for membership registration. A separate charge will then appear shortly thereafter for the actual payment. The held charge typically disappears after 5-7 business days depending on your bank. If you suspect there may have been a server error resulting in a double-charge on your card, please wait 14 days before contacting us. As your bank places the hold on the card, we cannot make the hold go away faster.

  • If you have any other questions regarding pre-registration for Otakon please use the Interactive Help Forms here.

  • It is in your best interest to verify that the final amount you see listed for your total is correct before completing your registration. If you see something in error, please check to see that you didn't forget to mail a badge, or left someone off. If you did you can either go back and make a correction or contact us before paying. Doing so will save both us time and you money.

Thursday Night Pre-Reg Pickup

Once again, we'll have our doors open for pre-registered members to pick up their badges on Thursday. Please note that you can pick up your badges T any time reg is open over the entire weekend.

Thursday Pre-Registration pickup will begin at 3:00PM and end around 10:00PM.

Thursday Pre-Reg pickup instructions

Every year some of you gather early Thursday to be the very first to get your membership badges. While we encourage you to go and visit the Otakon Matsuri, as lines do disperse over the course of the day, we understand that for some of you it is a point of pride. This year, to help combat the heat and weather, Otakon will be queuing people in a separate indoor area before they go to the main registration lines.

On Thursday, Pre-reg line starts at the Otterbein Lobby, located on Sharp Street. We will be bringing the line in the Oterbein lobby entrance under the skybridge.

Pre-Reg pickup does not begin until 3PM. However, at roughly noon (or closest time available) we will open the doors and line people up in the pre-queueing line. This will alleviate some of the crowding we typically get on the street. It also gives people in the pre-queue line access to restrooms and Centerplate food services.

The Thursday pre-reg line goes south to Howard St. and wraps clockwise around the BCC onto Conway St. and then Howard St.

NOTE: If you requested, but did not receive your badge in the mail, Please inform a staffer at the door that you need to go to Badge Services. You do not need to wait in the full pickup line.

If you are a member with special needs, or are an individual with an infant or stroller please enter through the Pratt Street Lobby entrance. If you have instructions to use another entrance because you are an artist, dealer, panelist, etc, please continue to use the entrance as instructed.

Please note that this only takes affect Thursday, and regular lining at the Pratt Street Lobby entrance will resume on Friday.

18+ Wristband pickup on Thursday

18+ wrist bands will be available for pickup Thursday evening, if the queue is full or a member exits the building they may not re-enter to pick up a wristband Thursday.

A further note on Thursday Night Pre-Reg Pickup from your friendly Staff:

From our comfortably air conditioned vantage points in various hotels overlooking the BCC, we have watched in awe as Otaku line up as early as Wednesday night for Thursday night Pre-Reg Pickup. While we appreciate your enthusiasm, lining up that early is really not necessary!

Thursday night pre-reg pickup is just that, line up, get badge, go home. There are NO Otakon activities on Thursday, so there is no need to show up extra early, or hang around once you have your badge. As a matter of fact, you will speed the process along for those behind you if you go back to your home, hotel, boat, car, or yurt once you are done. It takes very little time whether you arrive at the back of the line, or camp out.

So, unless you are one of the types who has to have the distinction of being the first person in line, we recommend you show up between the hours listed for pre-reg pickup. If you simply must be one of the die hard(heads), then PLEASE, we beseech you to BRING WATER. Summer temperatures in Baltimore are nothing to be trifled with. If you expect to survive a full day camping out in 90 degree plus heat, then you must, repeat MUST HYDRATE. While there will be Otakon Staffers monitoring the line for Pre-Reg Pickup (during the normal pre-reg pickup hours), the water they are carrying is intended to keep themselves alive, not you. So please, bring water.

DRINK the water. Absorb, belt, chug, consume, down, drain, gargle, gulp, guzzle, imbibe, indulge, irrigate, lap, nip, partake of, put away, quaff, sip, slake, slosh, slurp, soak up, sop, sponge, suck, sup, swallow, swig, swill, tank up, thirst, toast, wash down, wet your whistle. Just drink. See the water....BE the water.

At-Con Registration (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

The Pratt Street Lobby will open for all pre-registration and at-con registration on:

Friday and Saturday: ~8:30 AM to ~10:00 PM
Sunday:8:30 AM to noon.

The at-door price for a full weekend registration is $100. Full weekend memberships are available for purchase at this price during all three days of the convention.

The forms of payment we will accept for at-con registration include cash, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only), money orders, and travelers checks. Please be aware that we will NOT be accepting personal checks for at-con registration

The purchase of a membership grants you access to Otakon for the entire convention. For example if you pay for a membership for yourself on Friday, it is good till we close the doors on Sunday. One does not need to buy a membership every day of the convention.

Friday Pre-Reg pickup instructions / Reg instructions

Our Friday registration instructions have not changed. These maps along will staff will be available to assist members during lineup.

Special needs / Will Call

If you are a member with special needs or have otherwise been instructed to use the "Will Call" window, please proceed to the following location.

Advice about Registration

  • Members who have picked up their badges are encouraged to use the Charles Street entrance during peak registration hours (Friday and Saturday mornings). You'll avoid the masses that way.
  • People who pre-register are reminded that a government-issued photo ID is required to pick up a badge; bringing your printed registration confirmation will help speed badge pickup.
  • Lines in the mornings are often very long, and late July in Baltimore is generally muggy (90 degrees and high humidity). To avoid health issues, we remind you to dress appropriately for the weather and drink plenty of water. (You may want to wait to don your heavy cosplay outfit until after you get your badges.)
  • On that note, make sure you've read our line etiquette policy. It'll be enforced to the best of our ability.

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