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August 8 - August 10, 2014
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Vitals: News/Updates
April 23, 2014  NEW! Reminder! Panel & Workshop Applications for Otakon 2014 will close on Wednesday, April 30th.

April 19, 2014  NEW! Online-Registration for Otakon 2014 has reopened! Thank you for your patience. View Full Detail

April 13, 2014   Otakon 2014 reached 10,000 memberships around 10:30AM today! Online Registration for Otakon 2014 is going to briefly shut down so we can ensure all 10,000 are valid and so we can perfom some site maintenance. Online registration will reopen later this week.

April 11, 2014   Only 500 more registrations remain at the discounted rate! REMINDER! Online Registration will shut down briefly once we hit 10,000 members!

April 11, 2014   If you are in DC this weekend, stop by our film screening at the National Cherry Blossom Festival!

April 10, 2014   Otakon 2014 AMV Contest submission rules are online!

April 8, 2014   Since it must be said... Otakon 2014 Online Registration is Over 9,000!!!!!! Less than 1,000 memberships remain at the discounted rate!.

March 30, 2014   Come join Otakorp for our 12th year at the National Cherry Blossom Festival!

March 29, 2014   Calling all Gofers! If you are looking to be a volunteer for Otakon 2014, just click here to preregister to be a Gofer. Please note that you must first be pre-registered for this year's con to sign up as a Gofer.

March 28, 2014   7,500 people have already registered for Otakon! Less than 2,500 memberships remain at the discounted rate! Register soon before they are gone!.

March 25, 2014   Otakon is looking for volunteers to be Maids and Butlers for its 2014 Maid Cafe. Apply here!

March 23, 2014   Two weeks after opening, only 3500 memberships remain at the discounted rate! Don't miss your chance to register for Otakon 2014 before the rate goes up.

March 17, 2014   Otakon is proud to announce that the 2014 convention will feature a dedicated AMV Theater. Stay on top of the news by monitoring our forums for news about all things Video Artsy.

March 17, 2014   Otakon is now accepting submissions for fan produced videos!

March 16, 2014   One week after opening, Online Registration for Otakon 2014 has passed 5000 people! Only 5000 more memberships are available at the discount rate.

March 13, 2014   Otakon is announceing a new pilot program to help members coordinate cosplay photoshoots during the convention!

March 11, 2014   Panel & Workshop Applications for Otakon 2014 are now being accepted!

March 10, 2014   Online registration for Otakon 2014 has been open for 60 hours and over 3000 people have already signed up!

March 7, 2014   Otakon's Online-Registration Opens at 12:01AM, March 8th! View Full Detail

March 5, 2014   Otakon's Artist Alley Table Lottery Registration starts today at 5PM! Click Here for details!
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