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July 24 - July 26, 2015
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Vitals: News/Updates
March 3, 2015  NEW! Come join Otakorp for our 13th year at the National Cherry Blossom Festival!

March 3, 2015  NEW! Otakon is now accepting submissions for fan produced videos!

February 18, 2015   Otakon is looking for volunteers to be Maids and Butlers for its 2015 Maid Cafe. Apply here!

February 13, 2015   The Dealers Room Space Request Form is Open! Click Here for more details.

February 11, 2015   If you would like to DJ for Otakon’s Dance, submit your application here! View Full Detail

February 6, 2015   Otakon 2015 Dealers Room Registration opens on Feb 13th! Click Here for more details.

January 28, 2015   Otakon's Artist Alley Normal and Limited Table Lottery Registration starts today at 5PM! Click Here for details!

January 21, 2015   Otakon's Artist Alley Unlimited Table Registration starts today at 5PM! Click Here for details!

January 7, 2015   Rules for the 2015 Artist Alley have been posted! Check them out here!

December 20, 2014   Lantis Anisong Festival at Las Vegas adds special appearance by Hatsune Miku!

December 17, 2014   Exclusive Pre-Sale offer for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions Concert!

December 11, 2014   Lantis Anisong Festival at Las Vegas to take place in conjunction with Otakon Vegas!

November 5, 2014   Otakon is conducting a month long poll on mailing badges for our 2015 show. Express your interest here!

August 25, 2014   Otakon 2014 Yoshiki Photo Op Photos Update! For those in the photos, please go to the Otakon help desk at and click "Email Us" for the link. View Full Detail

August 13, 2014   Reserve your hotel rooms for Otakon 2015!

August 9, 2014   Only 1937 memberships remain for Otakon 2014!

August 8, 2014   The Yoshiki concert pass winners have been selected! Look here to find out if you are one. Those who were drawn will also receive an email notification of their status.

August 8, 2014   Information Regarding Thursday's Otakon 2014 PreReg Pickup. View Full Detail

August 7, 2014   Downtown Baltimore Guide Escorts are available 10:30 AM to 1030pm during Otakon to walk you to your car, hotel, or bus stop! Please call: (410) 244 8778 or (410) 802 9631.

August 7, 2014   Friday, August 8th from 11am-1pm. Anime lovers, this one’s for you! Stop by Pratt & Light Plaza to show off your outfit with free photo booths, a DJ, and more.
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