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August 12 - August 14, 2016
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Vitals: News/Updates
July 29, 2015   Reserve your hotel rooms for Otakon 2016!

July 25, 2015   Come dance to the sweet sounds of Sarah Sullivan and the New Old Fashioneds jazz band tonight at Hiro's lounge located at the Hyatt ballroom. The dance starts at 9:00 PM and runs to 1:00 AM. Tell all your friends!

July 24, 2015   If you would like to Volunteer this year, we are having open Gofer registrations. Please meet Friday 9AM at the Charles Street Lobby entrance, or 12PM at Gofer Ops (BCC 339).

July 23, 2015   Hey everyone, we've capped tonight's reg line. Just making sure no one is stuck outside after dark.

July 23, 2015   Badge Pickup Information has been updated.

July 22, 2015   Reminder: Don't forget to bring your mailed badges with you to Otakon!!!

July 21, 2015   Information on Autographs has been updated!

July 20, 2015   Otakon 2015 Guest Updates: Due to last-minute scheduling conflicts, Hiroyuki Takei is unable to attend. Also, Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham will arrive late on Friday. While this is disappointing to everyone, guest appearances are always subject to work commitments. Please check schedules as they may have changed (or may be in the process of being updated

July 17, 2015   A FAQ page on mailed badges is now online. Also if you have one, please remember to bring your mailed badges with you to Otakon!

July 15, 2015   The Otakon 2015 Schedule is now online!

July 13, 2015   Lip Sync For Your Cosplay comes to Otakon 2015!

July 13, 2015   Our All Roads Lead to Otakon page has been updated. If you are looking for how to get to Otakon, this is a good place to start!

July 10, 2015   The final batch of tracking numbers for mailed badges has been uploaded. Check your registration history in the members area for more information. Please contact us through if you uncover an issue with your mailed badge.

July 8, 2015   The first batch of tracking numbers for mailed badges are now available! Check your registration history in the members area for more information. Additional tracking numbers will be added daily.

July 7, 2015   The Otakon Thursday Matsuri page has been updated with Food Vendors and a Swimsuit Contest!

July 3, 2015   BACK-ON joins the lineup for Otakon's Thursday Matsuri!

July 1, 2015   Online Hall Costume Contest Registration is now open!

June 29, 2015   Forms for the Otakon 2015 Art Show are now available.

June 29, 2015   We're pleased to announce the Workshops Roster for Otakon 2015!

June 26, 2015   The 2015 Otakon Talent Show is looking for contestants like you!
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