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August 11 - August 13, 2017
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington DC, USA
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Otakon Music Festival 2012 Contest

Otakon Music Festival 2012 Contest: Make Something Awesome!

We've got less than a month before the debut of Otakon Music Festival 2012, and it's time for the real fans to make a little noise. Since we're by fans, for fans, we're looking to you guys to help out by doing what you do best: get passionate.

So here's the deal: Make something awesome that demonstrates how big a fan you are of our guests.

Get creative. Make a short video talking about how big a fan you are. Stage a cool photo. Write something. Draw something. Show us your collectibles. Sculpt the guests in modeling clay.

Whatever you do, have fun with it. Create something and put all your love of JAM Project (or Faylan or Natsuko Aso) into it. We like to reward fan passion.

Do it by Monday, October 22, let us know where to find it, and we'll choose the best of them -- and reward your creativity with a pair of tickets to the show. The best of the best will get the VIP Party Pass, too!

Here's what we're giving out:

  • For the four entries we like the best, we have four pairs of tickets to the show (one pair each).
  • For the best of the best, ONE winner will get the deluxe treatment: one pair of tickets to the show, including two tickets to the VIP Party. And you'll get the photo op, too -- even if you're not an Otakon member.

Here's the rules:

  • This contest is open to ANYONE age 18 or older, with the exception of members of the Otakon Music Festival Committee. (Otakon staff members are eligible but will receive no special consideration.)
  • You may submit up to five entries per person; however, you may not win more than one prize.
  • Entries may be in the form of video, image, or essay, and must be hosted in a location where they may be shared without requiring a login, such as Facebook, Youtube, or Vimeo, Picasa, and other social media sites.
  • Video submissions must be less than 60 seconds long and may not use music or clips you don't have permission to use.
  • You MAY include images of the artists released through their official sites; you MAY NOT use their music (sorry!).
  • You MAY include Otakon mascots Hiroko-chan, Hiroshi-kun, and Crabby-chan.
  • You authorize us to share, link, and otherwise use your submission for promotional purposes. All other rights remain yours.
  • Otakorp, Inc. and its partners are not responsible for the content of your submissions.
  • Selection of winners will be carried out by Otakon Music Festival Committee. All decisions of Otakon Music Festival Committee are final.
  • Winners will be notified by phone or email.

Thank you for your interest, but this contest has ended.

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