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August 11 - August 13, 2017
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington DC, USA
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Events: Otaku Idol

Otaku Idol 2013

Welcome once again to this year's Otaku Idol! We are finally announcing the 10 contestants who have been chosen to compete in this years contest, as well as some other interesting things regarding the contest.

Take a look at each of our contestants, get to know them and come cheer them on at Otakon 2013. Come on out to our 10th year of Otaku Idol on Friday, August 9th, at the Otacafe in the afternoon(check the schedule for exact time) but know this, we've got something special lined up for the final round contestants of Otaku Idol.

We're not doing the final round at the contest itself,our final 2 contestants are going to perform their final round songs at the halftime show at this year's Masquerade! We've been letting you, the fans, judge the winner every year of the contest, and now our contestants are going to be judged in the final round by everyone in the audience at the Arena! So, if you want to be a part of our 10th year of Otaku Idol, come on out, cheer and watch our contestants on Friday, August 9th, then swing by the Masquerade for their halftime show on Saturday, August 10th, for the final round of Otaku Idol! You won't want to miss it!

Aeonis Pi

Loves to sing, loves to write music, and super excited for Otaku Idol! I never imagined making it this far, but now I'm in it to win it!


Akiran was inspired by utaites to make anime covers and Homestuck audio. She wants to be Otaku Idol because it would be a great way to showcase what she can do!

Dean Bloomingdale

Dean Bloomingdale, the 19-year old from Philadelphia, PA, is proud to be returning for his fourth Otakon and his fourth Otaku Idol! After reaching 2nd place last year, Dean is more ready than ever to sing for the Otakon crowd. He is currently studying Music Industry at Drexel University in Philadelphia in the hopes of becoming a producer.

Jessica Dawson

Jessica Imani Dawson was raised in the suburbs of Rockland County, NY. From a young age Jessica has shown a great deal of interest in hand-drawn animation such as Disney and Don Bluth. Her real interest in Anime started in 2005 when she stumbled upon Wolf's Rain. Moved by its creativity and style, Jessica decided to further explore the world that Japanese Anime had to offer.


I'm pretty shy, quiet, and not use to stages. But I love singing and trap singing and hope that I'll be able to turn heads this Otaku Idol!

Don Lubben

Don, age 21, is an amateur voice actor, lyricist and singer, but primarily a singer. He has a strong passion for language in general. In particular, he has a great appreciation for the Japanese language, which is by far his favorite language to sing in.

Lauren Collis

Lauren is from Ontario, Canada, here to show everyone what the "true North strong and free" really has to offer-- by winning Otaku Idol!


Poppy is excited to return to Otaku Idol after her debut in 2011. This girl is ready to sing her way to the top and to your heart!


I love singing and have wanted to take part in Otaku Idol since my first Otakon in 2008. I just never had the guts to send in a demo until now. So I'm going to sing my heart out!


I'm vivio and I like singing. It gives me confidence, strength and memories. I always dream to sing on a live stage. Now my dream comes true! I hope my voice will reach you!

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