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July 24 - July 26, 2015
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Community: Otakon Cosplay Coordination

The submission period for The Otakon Cosplay Coordination requests has passed.
The original information is being maintained for everyone to reference.

This year, Otakon has developed a pilot program called Otakon Cosplay Coordination to help facilitate and promote cosplay photoshoots within the Baltimore Convention Center during the convention. We know and understand that cosplay is an integral and important part of many members' Otakon experience. In the past, there have been many unofficial photoshoots, which has led to the occasional conflict of time and/or location. Since Otakon wants to make sure that members have a chance to express themselves and have the best time all around, we've created a department to coordinate the photo meetups in the three most popular areas of the BCC: The Charles Street Lobby, 3rd Floor Terrace (the one only accessible from the BCC), and the West Side of the 4th floor. All other locations, including those outside of the BCC, will be coordinated by the cosplay community and not included on the schedule or coordinated by Otakon. We cannot be held responsible for conflicts that occur with photoshoots coordinated outside of the Otakon photoshoot schedule.

Since we are organizing official photoshoots, anyone attempting to host a cosplay photoshoot in one of the BCC areas while an official photoshoot is taking place will be asked to relocate outside of the BCC, to eliminate conflicts. Because of the photoshoot scheduling, we ask that all groups finish at their assigned time, or the photoshoot will be ended by a member of the Otakon staff so that the next group can set up and begin.

We will be honoring and working with those photoshoots scheduled on prior to this release in the three designated areas and adding them to our schedule. If there are any existing conflicts, Otakon Cosplay Coordinators will work with the community involved to come to a solution.

Of course in order to best work with you, Otakon Cosplay Coordination will need some information from anyone who is already coordinating a cosplay photoshoot. If you have previously requested a photoshoot through please fill out this form with the up-to-date information so we can confirm your date and time.

If you are interested in starting a photoshoot at Otakon in one of the three locations listed above, please check out this preliminary schedule. Then fill out this form to request your preferred dates and times. We want to work with you! Photoshoots held in these locations that are not on the schedule will be asked to relocate at Otakon Staff discretion.

If you are coordinating more than one photoshoot, please fill out the form once for each desired photoshoot.

We will be updating the preliminary schedule at least once a day as requests come in. The deadline for submitting the form is 11:59pm, June 30, 2014. This deadline is to ensure that we can iron out any final details and send the finalized schedule to our publications team.

All gatherings, both official and unofficial, must abide by all Otakon Rules and Policies. To review them, you can find them here.

As we get closer to con more information may be posted regarding photoshoots. Once posted we will do a social media blast of any and all updates. We look forward to working with the cosplay community in implementing this pilot program.

Advantages to this Pilot:

  1. Inclusion in the Schedule
  2. Guarantees a place and time for both cosplayers and members to watch the gatherings.
  3. Prevents conflicting photoshoots in the same location at the same time.
  4. Support from Otakon Staff including logistics and crowd control (Makes the con fun, safe and more awesome).

Photoshoot Guidelines:

  1. Photoshoots/Gatherings will be scheduled on a "first-come, first-served" basis.
  2. Photoshoots/Gatherings from the first post of this thread in the three listed locations from prior to March 11, 2014 will be honored. Coordinators will still need to fill out this form to confirm their intentions.
  3. Photoshoots/Gatherings will be scheduled in 55 minute blocks with 5 minutes to wrap up before the next shoot begins. If you feel that your shoot will take longer than 55 minutes, please note it on the form.
  4. Conflicts will be resolved on a "first-come, first-served" basis with all parties involved in the conversation to come to a resolution.
  5. Otakon will only be scheduling Photoshoots/Gatherings in the following three places:
    • Charles Street Lobby - this is also known as the Indoor Fountain area can handle larger groups, however groups in this area will need to accommodate lines for programming in Hall A. .
    • 3rd Floor Outside Terrace - this area is only accessible from inside the BCC and is located near the food court area on the 3rd floor. Can handle large groups with no programming lines.
    • 4th Floor West Side - this area is located on the west side of the 4th floor. There will be pipe and drape set up along one wall to give a nicer backdrop for photos. Good for smaller to medium sized groups.
  6. Otakon Cosplay Coordination is not coordinating shoots outside of the Baltimore Convention Center, nor will those shoots be listed on the official schedule.
  7. Otakon Cosplay Coordination is not coordinating those shoots inside of the BCC that are not in one of the three listed locations, nor will those shoots be listed on the official schedule.
  8. All Photoshoots/Gatherings must follow Otakon Policies, BCC policies, and Staff Member Instructions.
  9. Changes to the schedule must be communicated to the coordinator at the earliest possible moment. Changes made after the deadline of June 30, 2014 may not be able to be accommodated.

If you have any questions please review our FAQ and then feel free to contact us through our help desk.

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